Class Rewards, Rules, and Expectations


Your child will be given tickets each day as a reward for great behavior.  At the end of the day he or she may be drawn as a winner.  The rewards for being chosen from the Great Behavior Group are:

1. Lunch with the teacher- your child and one friend will eat with me in my classroom (on Thursdays)

2. Teacher's helper for the day

3. Sit beside the teacher's desk.

4. Snack pack- your child can bring a drink and a snack to eat during class.

5.  No homework pass.

6.  10 points added to any daily grade.

7. 15 minutes of computer time for Funbrain, Spelling City or any educational website.


1. Keep your hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.

2. Treat everyone with respect, especially yourself.

3.  Be prepared to learn.

4.  Follow all directions, the first time that they are given.


1.  Do your best.

2.  Be responsible.

3.  Cooperate with others.

4. Treat everyone with respect, especially yourself.