Positive Behavior Celebrations

This year we will not have traditional Extravaganzas. We have changed to a new format which is called, Positive Behavior Celebrations.  In order for your child to attend he or she must have 80% of his or her days without a planner being signed.  We will be doing activities on campus instead of going out of town or on field trips.  This year's tentative schedule is:

October 2-  12 good days between September 14 and October 2.

October 30- 16 good days between October 5 and October 30.

November 20- 12 good days between November 2 and November 20

December 18- 12 good days between November 30 and December 18.

February 5- 20 good days between January 5 and February 5.

March 12- 20 good days between February 8 and March 12.

April 23- 20 good days between March 22 and April 23.