Story and Literary Structure

Story and Literary Structure

Elements of Fiction, includes a quiz and key Submitted By: Janet Blaylock      

Identify Themes * Identify Settings * Identify Characters * Identify Plots * Identify Point of View

Bilingual:Colors and vocabulary(WII, WiC) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by (Vocabulary-WII)

ESL  If You  Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffee Numeroff (Cause/effect, sequencing, recall, making predictions)

Identify elements of fiction (plot, character, setting, conflict, and theme).

2nd grade ideas

Blending Fiction and Nonfiction to Improve Comprehension and Writing Skills

Literary Terms:    Elements of Fiction   Components of Literature      

Fiction, Plotting the Story

Gr 1-3  Elements of a Plot Diagram · Plot · Story Map for The Little Red Hen


Gr 1-3  Elements of Fiction    The Hare and the Tortoise

Gr 5-8     Fiction, Setting the Story

Objectives: The students will verbally identify the definition of a setting and its purpose in a story. The students will use a picture set to write their own story with a predetermined setting.  

Gr 4-5   Reading Stories with Story Maps 

Gr 3-6   what’s In a Setting?  Mood 

Gr 6 Language Art skills


Short story & writing


Gr 2-4  Title - Story Creation Magic: Character, Setting, and Plot 

 3-8  Character, setting, and plot are the story elements; Use Venn Diagram 

Gr 5-8   Point of View and Other Devices 

Gr 3-5 main character 

 Gr 7-8 Once Upon Whose Time?