Illinois Professional Teaching Standards

IL-PTS.1 STANDARD: Content Knowledge: The competent teacher understands the central concepts, methods of inquiry, and structures of the discipline(s) and creates learning experiences that make the content meaningful to all students.
IL-PTS.1.C K: TCT understands how students' conceptual frameworks and their misconceptions for an area of knowledge can influence their learning.
IL-PTS.1.F P: TCT evaluates teaching resources and curriculum materials for their comprehensiveness, accuracy, and usefulness for representing particular ideas and concepts.
IL-PTS.1.J P: TCT anticipates and adjusts for common misunderstandings of the discipline(s) that impede learning.
IL-PTS.1.K P: TCT uses a variety of explanations and multiple representations of concepts that capture key ideas to help students develop conceptual understanding.
IL-PTS.2.A K: TCT understands how students construct knowledge, acquire skills, and develop habits of mind.
IL-PTS.2.E K: TCT understands how to include student development factors when making instructional decisions.
IL-PTS.2.G P: TCT analyzes individual and group performance in order to design instruction that meets learners' current needs in the cognitive, social, emotional, ethical, and physical domains at the appropriate level of development.
IL-PTS.2.H P: TCT stimulates student reflection on prior knowledge and links new ideas to already familiar ideas and experiences.
IL-PTS.2.I P: TCT introduces concepts and principles at different levels of complexity so that they are meaningful to students at varying levels of development and to students with diverse learning needs.
IL-PTS.3 STANDARD: Diversity: The competent teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.
IL-PTS.3.C K: TCT understands how students' learning is influenced by individual experiences, talents, and prior learning, as well as language, culture, family, and community values.
IL-PTS.3.D K: TCT understands and identifies differences in approaches to learning and performance, including different learning styles, multiple intelligences, and performance modes.
IL-PTS.3.H P: TCT makes appropriate provisions (in terms of time and circumstances for work, tasks assigned, communication, and response modes) for individual students who have particular learning differences or needs.
IL-PTS.3.K P: TCT uses a wide range of instructional strategies and technologies to meet and enhance diverse student needs.
IL-PTS.3.L P: TCT identifies and designs instruction appropriate to students' stages of development, learning styles, strengths and needs.
IL-PTS.4 STANDARD: Planning for Instruction: The competent teacher understands instructional planning and designs instruction based upon knowledge of the discipline, students, the community, and curriculum goals.
IL-PTS.4.A K: TCT understands the Illinois Learning Standards, curriculum development, content, learning theory, and student development and knows how to incorporate this knowledge in planning instruction.
IL-PTS.4.L P: TCT creates and selects learning materials and learning experiences appropriate for the discipline and curriculum goals, relevant to the students, and based on students' prior knowledge and principles of effective instruction.
IL-PTS.6 STANDARD: Instructional Delivery: The competent teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies to encourage students' development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.
IL-PTS.6.B K: TCT understands principles and techniques, along with advantages and limitations, associated with various instructional strategies.
IL-PTS.6.G P: TCT uses multiple teaching and learning strategies to engage students in active learning opportunities that promote the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance capabilities and that help students assume responsibility for identifying and using learning resources.
IL-PTS.7 STANDARD: Communication: The competent teacher uses knowledge of effective written, verbal, nonverbal, and visual communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.
IL-PTS.7.A K: TCT understands communication theory, language development, and the role of language in learning.
IL-PTS.8 STANDARD: Assessment: The competent teacher understands various formal and informal assessment strategies and uses them to support the continuous development of all students.
IL-PTS.8.O P: TCT uses various types of assessment procedures appropriately, including the adaptation of procedures for individual students in specific contexts.