High School Core French - 2200 is evaluated in four main areas:  Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each is weighted equally, therefore 25% of each student's final grade will be based on their performance in each area. 

    - Evaluations in this area can range from work done throughout the term with novels, plays, poetry, stories and articles read in class, to more standard test scenarios where students will be expected to read a selection of writing and demonstrate their understanding of it.

    - Again, evaluations can vary in this area as well. Students will be expected to produce pieces of writing of various lengths and styles throughout the term and will be frequently given feedback on their strengths and problem areas.

    - Listening to French being spoken is a primary step is acquiring the mastery of it, and all classes are conducted entirely in French. Evaluations typically take on a form of listening to spoken-word or music with lyrics and forming some response to demonstrate understanding. Sometimes responses will be in written form, other times students will be expected to respond orally.

    - The language of the classroom is French. As such, all students are expected to speak in French during class time. Throughout the term students will be evaluated through a variety of exercises such as their willingness to speak French in the classroom, group presentations, one-on-one interviews and public speaking. The best way to learn any second language is to speak it, and while not everyone will pick up the language as quickly as others, the classroom provides a comfortable and safe environment to practice and gain confidence.