Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should my child be studying French as a second language?
        - Learning a second language is challenging and arduous, but the rewards are vast and varied. From opening career opportunities (Parks Canada                  Travel and Hospitality jobs) to expanding learning skills.  Foreign language study has been shown to "increase problem-solving skills, memory, and self-        discipline" (Lawless, Why learn French?)
        - Less than 30% of Canadian youth can converse in both English and French (2006, Youth Bilingualism in Canada, Statistics Canada) which will give your bilingual child a strong advantage over their peers.

2. How can I help my child to study if I don't speak French?
        - Even if you don't understand the language your child is studying, you can be an encouraging force behind their learning.
                - Listen to your child read in French (even if you don’t understand).
                - Subscribe your child to a French magazine.
                - Buy your child French books.
                - Take out books from a local library.
                - Watch and listen to French language programing on television and radio with your child. (2010, Canadian Parents for French)

As a parent you probably have a lot of questions. Below is a link to a great set of questions that most parents will have regarding the French education of their child.


Canadian Parents for French New Brunswick, How can I Help my Child in French Immersion? http://www.cpfnb.com/resources/parent_resources/How%20can%20I%20help%20my%20child%20in%20French%20Immersion.html

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