Activity 2

Restaurant activity

A typical French waiter

In this activity, I introduce the complexities of eating in a French Restaurant.

Students assume various roles as either patrons, servers, or Maitre'D. With the help of their teacher the class/restaurant will come up with a suitable menu, investigating what ingredients and cooking methods are involved in each dish.

When setup is complete we shall have a tastefully decorated table, non-invasive Bandoleon music in the corner, a full menu of options, and characters for each student to play.

With reservations to keep, each group of diners will enter and await the Maitr'D to escort them to their seats. The servers will assist them in selecting from the menu, and the conversation will hopefully turn more philosophic.

This activity is something a core grade ten French class could spend a good deal of preparation time and then finally some very beneficial practice time. Depending on the interest of the students, I would allocate up to three classes with various mini-objectives to achieve along the way and depending on the role each student will play. The inclusion of theatrical elements in the teaching of a second language helps to overcome the lack in confidence many high school students will feel in speaking French.