10th Grade Geometry


*Each night, part of your homework will be to read through the next section in your textbook in order to be prepared for the following day.

*Each night you will also be required to copy theorems from the section we cover in class 5 times each in your theorem section of your binder.

Week of 5/25-5/29

Monday: No School

Tuesday: textbook pages 943-944 odd

Wednesday: textbook pages 943-944 even & quiz tomorrow

Thursday: textbook pages 949-950 odd

Friday: textbook page 951 all & test on Monday

Week of 6/1-6/5

Monday: review packet #1-20 *must be done on separate folded paper (no fringes)

Tuesday: review packet #21-40 *must be done on separate folded paper (no fringes)

Wednesday: review packet #41-60 *must be done on separate folded paper (no fringes)

Thursday: review packet #61-70 *must be done on separate folded paper (no fringes)

Friday: review packet #71-81 *must be done on separate folded paper (no fringes)

Upcoming Dates:

Chapter 13 Test: Monday 6/1

Final: Wednesday 6/10 

Important Information Regarding Your Final

****In order for you to get the beneift of the index card and calculator on the final, you must do all homework assigned from Friday 5/29 through Monday 6/8. And, you will only get one chance to be spoken to about your behavior/talking this week and one chance next week. If this is followed, you will get a reward of being able to bring in a calculator to use on the final along with one 3 by 5 inch index card (front and back) with any information you can hand write on it to help you during the final.****

****If you get the benefit of an index card and calculator on your final, they must be handed in no later than our class time on Tuesday, June 9th. You will need to write your name on the top left corner of the index card and highlight your name. If an index card is not turned in by this time or if it too large or typed, you will lose this reward. ****

****All textbooks (except district books) must be brought in on the day of your final without the cover and without any papers inside. They are to be placed on the top shelves in the hallway and will be checked in during your final.****

****Water may be brought to the final and left next to you in case you need it, however, the paper labels must be removed before coming into the final.****

****No food may be brought into the final.****

****No one will be allowed to go to the restroom while finals are going on, even if you finish early.****

****All cell phones need to be handed to the proctor prior to the start of the final.****

****Only pencils(for math)/pens are permitted in the room while the finals are being given. All other items including handbags/backpacks/jackets/books,etc must be put into your lockers.****

****High school students may leave the building once they finish a final. If they choose to stay, they will need to remain in the room where they took the final.****