My daughter was fortunate enough to be in Ms. Vance's kindergarten class in 2006-2007 school year.  This young lady was such a positive influence on my child, that I wanted very much for my daughter to participate in organizations/programs under her leadership.  In my opinion Ms. Vance is a wonderful role model and a great asset to school district 170.  I would support her in all her endeavors because Im certain it will be beneficial to the children. Thanks to Ms. Vance my child has a great attitude towards learning and excels academically.

Sincerely,  Carol Holmes (Raquel Harper 2006-2007)



My son JaJuan Benmon was blessed to be in Ms. Vance's kindergarten class in 2008-2009 school year.  Ms. Vance's goal has always been to help her students develop mentally, socially, and academically.  I believe Ms. Vance accomplished her goal with my son.  JaJuan is currently a honor roll student and is excelling in reading, writing, and math.  Thank you Ms. Vance for making a positive difference in my son's life and mine.

Sincerely,  A. Benmon (JaJuan Benmon 2008-2009)