About Mr. de Armas 

Dear Blue Dolphin Families,

Welcome to our class!  I am your child's homeroom, math and science teacher.  I have been teaching for over 15 years in Jersey City and love teaching!

This year in fifth grade, we will continue to use the Go Math program, which will build upon math concepts learned in fourth grade.  Please support your child at home by practicing his or her multiplication and other facts.  The importance of developing student automaticity and mastering their math facts is illustrated in the article provided here.   https://www.k5learning.com/blog/why-do-kids-need-learn-math-facts 

In science, we will be using the program Mystery Science.  Students will be collaborating with their peers and partaking in hands-on and exciting activities.  Our first unit will begin with students learning about chemical reactions.   Students will be inspired to learn more about science after beginning these fun activities.

I look forward to meeting and developing a strong parent-teacher relationship with you this year.


Mr. de Armas