Marking Period One


September 2019


Marking Period One

In writing, our fifth-grade students have started the pre-writing process for their personal narrative.  They will learn about the structure and characteristics of this type of writing. They are currently working on their introduction, and using omnatopea  and other good writing features to grab their reader's attention.

In reading, students will be reading both fiction and non-fiction text using Reading Street curriculum.  This marking period, much of their focus of instruction will be toward understanding main idea, theme and point of view in text.   Students will be working cooperatively with their peers in small groups, with specific curriculum-centered activities.   

Please see the Language Arts Curriculum for more information about this marking period's standards.


The  Math Curriculum outlines what students will be learning this marking period.  Students will continue to review previous concepts and practice their automaticity of math facts.  As with language arts, they will work in small groups reinforcing and developing their skills within various student-centered station activities.  


In Social Studies, students are working on their first project in class.  They are currently learning about a state capital's climate and other features using a corresponding map key.  

In Science, student are beginning their unit on properties of matter.  They will  work toward recognizing the concepts of “substances” and “chemical reactions” while experimenting  with their classmates.  Student scientists will see that chemical reactions enable them to make new materials by transforming the ones that they have. 



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