Period 1 Health Grade 6

Welcome to 6th Grade Health!

Course Description: Middle school health education provides for the continued development of attitudes and behaviors related to becoming a health-literate individual. This course is part of a planned, sequential, comprehensive health education curriculum that uses the Academic Standards for Health and Wellness to support student development of essential health skills within the ten health content areas. In grade six, students focus on continued skill development and skill applications that assist in building competencies for health literacy. These may include decision-making skills, stress management skills, communication skills, social skills, and assertiveness skills. Developmentally appropriate concepts of personal and community health; safety and injury prevention; nutrition and physical activity, mental health; alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; and family life and human sexuality are areas used for skill development. The adolescent student has instructional opportunities to investigate how health behaviors impact health, well-being, and disease prevention and to accept personal responsibility for health-related decisions.


Grades 6-8 National Health Education Standards

Lesson Plans for Week 3 of Quarter 1 (August 27 2012 to September 1 2012)

Monday August 27, 2012 - Chapter 1 Review for Test

Tuesday August 28, 2012 - Chapter 1 Review for Test      SUBSTITUTE TEACHER TODAY

Wednesday August 29, 2012 - Chapter 1 Test

Thursday August 30, 2012 - Chapter 1 Test     SUBSTITUTE TEACHER TODAY

Friday August 31, 2012 - Chapter 2 Intro    SUBSTITUTE TEACHER TODAY

Saturday September 1, 2012 - Chapter 2 Lesson 1 (Homework Due Monday)     SUBSTITUTE TEACHER TODAY