Men's underwear

Men's underwear: buying guide

Men's underwear, in the eyes of non-experts, may seem like a black-and-white world that can be summarized simply in the opposition boxer versus underpants. In this article, you will see the many possibilities and options in men's underwear and advice to avoid making the wrong purchases.

The Best Mens Underwear Australia, as well as guaranteeing the right amount of style, must be able to make the wearer feel at ease in every situation, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort. For this, first of all, it must be suitable for your physique.

Which model to choose

Briefs: recently considered a bit démodé, Men's Boxer Brief offers excellent support and a snug fit. Contrary to what is usually thought, it is the right option for models with statuesque physiques and men with important or very muscular thighs.

Culotte: close-fitting like Men Brief Underwear but slightly more opaque, it dresses the private parts up to the hip. If you have lean legs and proportionate to the pelvis, 

it does not mark and is invisible under tight-fitting or light-fabric trousers. Otherwise, watch out for the salami effect!

Boxers: they are the classic shorts, softer and fresher than culottes, but certainly (despite the design being slimmer than that of a few decades ago) bulkier under trousers. To be avoided if you usually wear slim-fit trousers. You should prefer to buy Men Underwear Pack online!

Which material to prefer

Softness, elasticity and breathability are essential qualities for fabrics intended for underwear. Only excellent quality fabrics will guarantee these characteristics and will last over the years after numerous washes.


Breathable, soft and hypoallergenic, cotton is always a great classic, but it must be mixed with a small amount of elastane to adhere to the body. If cotton is what you prefer the most, buy Mens Cotton Boxer Shorts online now.

Bamboo fibre:

Mens Bamboo Underwear Australia is an excellent alternative to cotton; it is equally soft, hygienic and transpiring because it is naturally adherent.


It is an artificial fibre of natural origin derived from regenerated cellulose fibre. This fabric is soft and breathable but, above all, very smooth. If of quality, unlike cotton fabrics, Modal Underwear Mens does not wear out, forming those annoying dots.


This synthetic fibre has the advantage of drying quickly and quickly transporting humidity to the outside, but it is not very hygienic. In order to be used – especially during sports, when you sweat more – this material must be combined with anti-bacterial technologies, such as silver ions.

Buying advice

A common mistake is to believe that designer underwear is synonymous with quality. Not always. 

In the case of underwear, the materials and the "made in" must, first of all, justify the price. If you buy a pair of boxers with a famous logo in full view at a high price and then discover on the label a composition of synthetic materials (e.g. polyamide + polyester + elastane) and a "made - let's say - in China" it means that you are paying only the brand.

First of all, therefore, make sure that the material meets your needs. Of course, even the eye wants its part, but to have trendy underwear, it's not necessarily necessary to focus on famous fashion brands. Better rather prefer companies specialized in the production of men's underwear.