Concert Make Up


       Concert Make up Report, Due January 11th, 2019

After you attend, write your concert review of a live classical music performance such as an opera, ballet, a solo recital, a chamber music recital, symphony orchestra, band, choir concert, jazz group or soloist which will qualify for a live music review. You need to review one live concert.  

Besides the questions asked below, please add any other observations that come to you for a page and a half report (double spaced), containing at least 500 words. Write your review as soon as possible after the performance. Please spell words correctly and give reasons for your findings. Submit a concert program and ticket stub along with your report to Miss Jim at least 3 days after the performance.

One of the best resources for classical is the Wheaton College Artist Series. You can find a performance schedule at their website: There are many concerts given by expert world class performers.

The following performances can also be watched on if you are unable to attend a concert. Please let Miss Jim know if you do not have internet access at home so she can schedule a time for you to watch the performance during class: : Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra : Symphony No. 6 by Tchaikovsky performed by the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

After writing your report please turn it into Miss Jim a by Friday January 11th, 2019. Be sure your name is on the program/ ticket stub and essay. Please follow the outline and turn in the information to me in essay format.

If you are writing more than one concert make up report in the school year, they must be on separate performances. If you need other performances to watch on youtube please consult Miss Jim.


  • Concert Attended (Name of Group)
  • Date
  • Place
  • Type of concert (performing media, ie. opera, ballet, a solo recital, a chamber music recital, symphony orchestra, band, choir concert, jazz group or soloist)
  • What is your reaction to the concert environment (is it formal, informal?)
  • What compositions/pieces are being performed?
  • Which work did you find most enjoyable and why?
  • Which work did you like almost as well and why?
  • Which work did you least enjoy and why?
  • Was your like or dislike due to the piece itself, or the way it was played?
  • What Social Emotional Learning Goals were implemented in the performance? Describe what you saw and how they implemented the learning goals.

• Self Management: Manage your own behavior
• Self-Awareness: Knowing one’s strengths and when to ask for help
• Responsible Decision making: Thinking ahead, staying on task.
• Relationship Skills: Responding, not reacting
• Social Awareness: Showing empathy, and being nice.

  • Personal Reaction: Give any other reactions. Feel free to mention images, feelings, emotions, mood and the affect of the overall spirit of the music.