Mr. Frasle's Trigonometry Jobs List 2011-12
accountant,    hospice worker, 
Actuary   interpreter
air-traffic controller,    Landlord home/commercial/apartments
architectural restoration   Librarian
Armed Forces (Air Force…)    insurance claims adjuster
art historian    high rise window washer
Assisted living and or care home   Marching band show designer.
Audiologist,    marine biologist
Biochemist   Med billing/med transcripts typed
Business Administrator    medical assistant 
business marketer   Micro biologist,
butcher   municipal worker (ie. water technician), prison guard, 
cable technician   museum curator
Carpenter   news reporter
caterer.    Oceanographer
cemetery maintenance (grave digger)   paralegal, 
Civil engineer,    photographer
Comedian   pottery shop owner, 
community photographer,    prison administrator, 
Computer forensic analyst   Profiler
 computer programmer,    refrigeration (ie. heating and cooling technician), 
computer tech,   road deputy, 
 Custodian   scrapper
contractor              Septic Waste Removal Engineer 
custom automotive detailing,    skilled trades, (pipe fitters, sheet metal, tool & die),  
Dairy Farmer   social worker, 
 dental hygienist   speech pathologist, 
Day care provider   technical writer, 
demolition expert,   Ultrasound tech 
Diesel injector mechanic.   Underground construction
dispatcher,     undertaker
Dog Groomer   Videographer
engineering.   village/city clerk, 
Financial Analyst   Waste Management./Recycler
Financial Consultant    writers for movies, TV, speeches, newspapers and books
Florist,    eye doctor
flower shop owner,    nurse
fundraising coordinator   doctor
graphic artist     politician 


              Requirements for Each Job

1) Job Title:

2) Why do you want this job:

3) Job Description:

4) Job Responsibilities:

5) Job Requirements:

6) Salary & Benefits:

7) Possible Employers:

8) Job Availability: