Grades and Homework Policies


Grading Policy          

Your child will be receiving grades in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies each quarter.  A student’s grades are determined by his/her achievement on quizzes, tests, presentations, homework, and written assignments. All assignments will be totaled together at the end of the quarter for your child’s final grade in each subject.  Percentages will receive the following grades:                               

100% - 90%           A

89% - 80%            B

79% - 70%            C

69% - 60%            D

Below 59%             F 

You will be able to check Gradespeed as an opportunity to see how your child is performing at any point in the quarter.  If you are unhappy about your child’s grades or behavior report, it is your responsibility to contact the teacher at the school.

Homework Policy            

Homework is a way for your child to practice the skills that are learned in the classroom, and will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  Each child will have a homework folder that must come to school each day.  In the folder will be a homework assignment sheet, which will include daily math homework, science/social studies homework, and any unfinished class assignments.  The work assigned should take your child about 30 to 40 minutes to complete each night.  In addition to the nightly homework, each student will be required to read for 20 minutes each night.  Students may read by themselves or with someone else.  Homework must be finished each night and brought back the next day when it is due.  Failure to complete homework assignments will affect your child’s grades and result in loss of recess and/or fun activities. 


When your child is absent it is his/her responsibility to get any missed assignments.  This includes getting the work and finding time to get help before or after school.  If parents of an absent student wish to have work sent home or prepared to be picked up after school, they must call the office by 8:10 am so the teacher has enough time to get the work and materials ready.  If there are special or extenuating circumstances, please inform us as soon as possible.  Students will have two days for each day absent to complete and turn in missed assignments.