Book bingo rules and directions 

Each student is required to complete one BINGO card per semester.

 design your advertisements so that they Sell your book, making others want to read your book!!!
For each book that you read, you will design and create an advertisement for the book.
Each grading period, you should submit 2 or 3 advertisements for the books that you read (according to the due dates set by your teacher.)
ONE advertisement MUST be a virtual book tour using Google Earth.  You will be given a rubric with specific requirements.
ONE advertisement MUST be a book trailer using Photostory.
EACH book must have a planning sheet completed and approved BEFORE being created digitally.
EACH book MUST have a reading log turned in with the planning sheet.  I will provide you with bookmarks that you can use to record your reading daily.
Ways to advertise a book
Television Commercial (60 sec. – 2 min.)
Book trailer (60 sec. – 2 min.) using photostory
Virtual Book Tour using Google Earth
Flyer abour an event in the book - using MS Publisher
Newspaper or Magazine Review / critique
Greeting card
Redesign the book cover (Hard cover with front and back covers, and inside jacket flaps)
Other ideas? Bring your other technology based ideas to mrs. owens for approval!! 
Your advertisement MUST include:
Title of book
General setting
Plot summary
Introduction of main characters
One character you connected with and why
                    bingo card






 Paul Langan 

Sharon Draper

Dave Pelzer

Mike Lupica

Jacqueline Woodson

Walter D. Meyers 

Margaret P. Haddix

 Lois Lowry

 C.S. Lewis

Stephenie Meyer

Gordon Korman 

Carolyn B. Cooney

***Student Choice***

Lois Duncan

James Patterson

Anne Schraff 

Patricia McCormick

Christopher Paolini

Patricia Reilly Giff

Harry Mazer

 Alex Flinn 

J.K. Rowling

Gary Paulsen

Richard Peck

Edward Bloor