Week of November 30 - December 4

 Word List: sym-, syn-

Sym-, Syn-       together, same

 Vocabulary                   Definition

1.  symbiosis                      a relationship between two different organisms that live together and depend on each other

2.  symmetry                     having the same shape, size, and position on both sides of a dividing line

3.  sympathy                     feeling kindness together with someone who suffers; pity; commiseration; compassion

4.  symposium                   a conference or meeting together to discuss a topic

5.  symptoms                    the conditions that together tell a doctor what is wrong

6.  synagogue                   a place for meeting together for worship and religious instruction in the Jewish faith

7.  syndicate                    a group of business people working together

8.  synonym                     a word that has the same, or nearly the same, meaning as another word

9.  synthesis                   parts put together  to make a whole

10.  synthetic                  formed together from artificial parts; not genuine; fake

 Week of November 16-20

Word List: re-

 Re-       again, back

Vocabulary                   Definition

1.  recheck                      to look at something again

2.  recloseable                 able to be sealed again

3.  reelect                       to vote someone into office again

4.  refund                       money that is goven back; money that is yours again

5.  reimburse                  to give money back; to pay back

6.  remember                 to bring back to mind; to have in your thoughts again

7.  renew                       to make something new again

8.  repeat                      to say something again

9.  respond                    to answer back; to talk again

10.  revive                    to bring back to life; to be alive again

Weekly Root Word - Vit- and Viv - life

vivid - full of life; lively; animated; active in forming lifelike images

vivacious - full of animation and spirit; lively

vital - necessary to life  

Post-        after

Vocabulary                   Definition

Week of November 9-13 

Word List: post-

Post-        after

Vocabulary                   Definition

1.   postdate           to write on something a date that comes after the real date 

2.  postgraduate         a person who takes a college class after he or she has already graduated

3.  posthumous          occuring or continuing after death; usually related to a book that is published after the author has died

4.  postindustrial      the time in society that came after the industrial revolution

5.  postmark             a mark printed across a stamp after it is received by the post office

6.  postmeridian      taking place after noon; p.m.

7.  postmortem        occuring or done after death; usually related to an examination of the body after it is dead

8.  postpone            to do something at a time or date after it was originally planned

9.  postproduction   the editing that is done after the movie, film, or video has been taped

10.  postscript       a comment, note, or thought written after the letter is finished; p.s.

Weekly Root Word - Mort - death

mortal - of or pertaining to death; causing or liable to cause death 

mortician - one who prepares a body for burial after death; a  funeral director or undertaker 

Week of November 2-6

Word List: pre-

Pre-        before, in advance

Vocabulary                   Definition

1.   Preapprove       to authorize or give permission in advance

2.   Precaution        a measure taken in advance to prevent harm 

3.   Precede           to come before something else in time, order, or rank

4.   Predict          to say what will happen before it occurs

5.   Prefix           a syllable or word that comes before a root word to change its meaning 

6.   Prejudge         to make a decision before you have all of the facts 

7.   Prepay            to pay for something before it needs to be paid in full  

8.   Pretest           a test before the real test, usually given to see what is already known 

9.   Prevent          to stop something from happening before it occurs 

10.  preview         to look at or see something before something or someone else

week of 9-8-09 through 9-11-09

responsibility - the state or fact of being responsible; reliability or dependability; doing what you know is right

persistence - to continue trying in spite of obstacles, opposition, disappointment, or failure; perseverance

goals - something we strive to achieve 

Figurative Language -

Idiom - a colorful expression that means something different from what the words mean

Literal - actual or factual

Figurative - an expression that uses words that mean something different than their literal meaning


POWER WORDS Vocabulary - 

1.  Trace - to list in steps

2. Analyze - break down into parts

3. Infer - Read between the lines

4.  Evaluate - to judge, tell the good and the bad

5.  Formulate - to create

6.  Describe - to tell all about

 7.  Support - to back up with the facts and details

8. Explain - to tell all the steps, to tall how or why

9. Summarize - to tell the main idea, the short version

10.  Compare - to tell the ways things are alike

11.  Contrast - to tell the ways things are different

12.  Predict - make an educated guess, to tell what will happen

13.  Synthesize - to combine or produce

14.  Elaborate - to give more details, expand