11-2 through 6-09 - Food for Thought - this phrase means that something is worth thinking about seriously.  Figuratively it means to give your brain something to "chew on", such as when you have an important decision and have a lot to think about.

Assignment:  Write a conversation between two people in which one person makes a suggestion.  The other speaker should respond using the phrase "food for thought."


IDIOMS are colorful expressions that mean something different from what the words actually say.

You will be designing and creating a digital idiom book throughout the year.  You should write down any idioms that you encounter in your reading to add to your personal idiom book.  You will have a chance to look up the origin of the idiom on the internet at an idiom site such as or (this gives meanings only, no origins)


Idioms learned in class-

Raining cats and dogs - raining very hard

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water - when eliminating the bad parts of something, be sure not to get rid of the good.

Get the sack, get sacked - to be fired from a job