EXAM Project

The Final Exam is a project with the theme "Christmas Around the World." 

1.  Choose a country (other than the United States) to research.

2.  Create a five slide Power Point book:

Page 1 - Book Cover - include a title, the author (you), and a minimum of one graphic.

Page 2 - Information about your country as well as a map.  Include geographical information (summary), information about the people (for example, populations, ethnic groups, etc.), and products or materials produced by your country.  Use the information that you found in your research and summarize in your own words. Project text will be checked for plagarism!!

Page 3 - Holiday traditions and customs in your country.  Include a minimum of one graphic.

Page 4 - A folk tale, traditional stroy, poem, or song lyrics told/sang in your country during or about the holidays.  Include a minimum of one graphic.  **Don't forget to credit the author!!**

Page 5 - Works Cited page - must have a minimum of 4 web sources listed here.  Only use the web address.

This is a fun project that incorporates Reading, Geography, and World Literature, so be as creative as you like!!  You can have more than 5 slides if you choose.  **You may want to check out brainybetty.com, office.microsoft.com, or other sites that have FREE power point templates or backgrounds to use.**  You may also create your own template by using pictures (.jpeg, .gif files).  Insert the picture onto the slide, then the Drawing tools toolbar will appear.  Select Send to Back, and your text will be seen over the graphic.