Activities to do at home

Have your child… 

v Search through a book to find a specific letter.

v Fill a shoebox with sand, practice writing letters.

v Use magnet letters to spell out words.

v See how many times they can write a specific letter in one minute.

v Use coins or buttons to shape letters.

v Use their favorite cereal or small snack to shape letters.

v Make flashcards of various letters.

v Make an ABC bingo game using various letters.

v Print letters on someone’s back using his/her finger. Have the person guess the letter.

v Use colored chalk to write letters on sidewalk.

v Use cooked spaghetti to form letters.

v Find specific letters using an alphabet cereal or alphabet pasta.

v Use colored crayons or markers to copy letters in as many different color combinations as possible.

v Paint letters using watercolors or finger-paint.

v Cut out letters from a newspaper or magazine.

v Use bread or cookie dough to shape into letters before baking them.

v Use beans, pasta, or rice to form letters. Glue them to construction paper or tagboard.

v Read a letter or sales ad from the mail. Look for specific letters.

v Spread shaving creme on a table. Practice writing letters.

v Practice writing letters using a variety of different items (for example: markers, chalk, white boards, glitter crayons, and colored pencils)

v Use items in learning bag to practice letter recognition.

These are just some activities that you can do at home. When your child does not have a homework activity from school, besure to pick one or two items from this list to do together. Please note that almost all of these activities can be adapted to review number and word recognition as well. 

Have FunJ

Kindergarten Team