Dear Parents/ Guardians,


          Welcome to the first semester of the 2012-2013 school year!  Your student has been enrolled in my Business Finance, Marketing class this year.  This class is designed for your student to walk away with the skills necessary for them to be productive global citizens and to prepare them to continue on in the Accounting, Finance, and Marketing pathway. I look forward to working with you in what I feel will be a very exciting and challenging semester.  The following are a few pieces of information you might find useful as we enter the semester. Please contact me at any time during the year if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I may be reached at or 573-7760 ext 254.


          Our focus in this course will be on how Business, Finance, and Marketing play a large role in every business.  How Business Finance and Marketing are all around us and what these three subjects entail.  We will discuss necessary skills for Business, Finance and Marketing and focus on applying these business concepts in real world scenarios. 



 I have information for this course on Educator Pages (http://mr.ward  Students should access this for announcements, homework assignments, and copies of some assignments distributed in class.  Students will also need Internet access to complete some assignments, please contact me if you do not have Internet access.  Be sure to log onto HAC ( to view your student’s attendance and grades!  On the HAC system I will post comments frequently that relate to your student’s grade on an assignment. 


I also send periodic email announcements to let you know what we are doing each unit- and potential test dates.  Please ensure that you are on our parent email distribution list so that I may reach you easily with this information.


Requirements: All students should have a three-ring binder dedicated (and brought daily) to this course along with at least 6 dividers which will allow them to organize the different units that we will be covering in this course.


All assignments should include the date and class period and be organized in chronological order according to the unit.  Students should have notebook paper, pens or pencils, a calculator and highlighters.  Notebooks/Binders will be collected and graded periodically.


Grading Policy:  Marking period grades will be based on a total point accumulation of formative & summative grades.  Formative grades are all assignments given to the students within the unit (classwork, homework, quizzes, warm ups, current events, etc) and will count for 30% of the marking period grade.  Summative grades are all assignments given to the students at the conclusion of the unit (projects, tests) and will count for 70% of the marking period grade.  There will also be a final exam in this course.




Missing scores will be counted as “zero” in the grade book- until they are made up they will have an impact in the marking period average.  Students are encouraged to make up work promptly. Late assignments will only count as a possible ½ credit, and can only be turned in until the unit exam has been taken- after that point the assignment remains a zero.   On the HAC system, when a student fails to turn in an assignment it will be noted in the comments section for that assignment. 


Extra Help- By appointment- please schedule time in advance.  I am available after school most days, but there are times when I have other commitments after the school day has ended, so by checking my availability you won’t be disappointed! 


Retests- Students have several retest options, but it is their responsibility to speak with me and make arrangements to take advantage of this opportunity.  Retests must be completed by the assigned due date (given to them in class each unit) or students will lose this privilege. 


Tests below a 70%: students will be given the opportunity to improve their grade on a test that originally they scored below a 70%.  If the retest assignment is completed satisfactorily, the score on the original test will be increased to a 70%. This will require a student staying after school.   


Tests above a 70%: once per marking period students can stay after school and complete the retest assignment to increase their original score on the assessment by one letter grade. 


**With a marking period weighted 40% of the course grade, it is VITAL that ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE COMPLETED AND ON TIME. 



Absences: If a student has an excused absence, they may complete missing assignments for no penalty before the unit exam; after the unit exam has been taken scores will remain a zero.  Unexcused absences follow “late assignments”. 

If you have any questions after viewing grades in HAC- please contact me!


Grading scale:







A+   100-98

 B+     92-91

 C+      85-84

 D+     76-75

 F       69-0

 A      97-95

 B       90-88

 C        83-79

 D       74-72


 A-     94-93

 B-      87-86

 C-       78-77

 D-      71-70





















Rules: All Pencader Charter Business High School rules are enforced at all times.  Please consult the student/parent handbook. 


The following are the norms that will be followed in the classroom.


Respect each member of the classroom- this is a safe place to try and to learn J


Be an active participant- reduce your distractions (prohibit food, cell phones, talking, etc) to succeed- you learn by doing, so do J


Ask questions- if you don’t understand something, advocate for yourself J


Be in class –you can’t learn if you are not here- an absence means you are missing “2” days in a block.  If an excused absence does occur (everyone gets sick ), after submitting an excused absence note students will be given one day per day absent to arrange  to make up assignments for full credit.   If the student fails to arrange to obtain work or schedule make up sessions, they will not be awarded credit for assignments.  Don’t wait until the end of the marking period- your success depends on keeping up with the class J


Be on time- at the bell students will be working on the daily warm up- unexcused tardies will not be permitted to go back and complete the assignment.   Always get to class on time J


Be prepared and do all assignments- class is like playing an instrument or a sport- it takes practice.  Class and home assignments are practice- do them for success!  Ask if you don’t understand, don’t just fail to complete an assignment.  Talk to me if there is an issue preventing your assignment completion- I want you to succeed J


Work until the end -the bell is my signal to end class, not the signal for students to leave. I’ll dismiss the students each day and they will remain seated until they are dismissed J


Parental consent:  I would like your permission to (possibly) videotape the class for teacher training purposes, take photographs of students in class and (possibly) post them on my website.  If there is any problem or questions about any of this, please contact me.  Your signature on the attached sheet will indicate consent.


Thank you, I’m sure we will have a great year!


Mr. Fritz Ward












Please sign and have your student return this page to acknowledge that you have received and reviewed the parent letter.





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I prefer to use email for parent communication- please provide an email address that may be used for teacher/parent contact and routine email announcements:


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Parent home phone: __________________________


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If there is any information that you would like me to know about your student, please feel free to comment below or on the back of this signature page.  Thank you!