Rules, Procedures & Good Ideas

Here are the rules, procedures, and good ideas for Frontiers

Classroom Rules

1. Always come prepared to work and learn. That means bringing your materials and a can-do attitude.
2. Never interrupt the learning of another student.
3. Show respect to your classmates and the school facilities.
4. Always be honest with all your work. Copy and paste stuff from the web doesn’t count as work. That’s plagiarizing.
5. Never change any setting or download anything to any computer in the lab.

Classroom Procedures

1. Be sure to put your assignments in your binder.
2. If you need to leave the classroom for any reason, bring your hall pass to one of the teachers and they will sign it.
3. Put your name, class hour, on every assignment.
4. There are plenty of places for food in school. This classroom is not one of them. No food, gum, candy, or pop is allowed inthis room - except as planned by the teachers. There is no classroom policy about water.
5. If you miss a writing review or other assignment you need to make it up. The teacher will have extra copies of the assignments and you can find the assignments listed on the web site.

Good Ideas

1. Be quiet during writing time.
2. If you’re missing a comleted assignment check the no name box.
3. Don’t sit on obsidian chips.
4. Keep your returned assignments in order in your binder.
5. Always save your computer work to your H drive or flash drive.
6. Don’t waste time trying to rescue a computer that is possessed by evil demons.
7. Keep your hands, feet, and personal belongings to yourself.
8. You are responsible for your schoolwork.
9. Sit straight in your desk.
10. Never hold your breath until you turn purple.
11. You probably aren’t the most interesting person on earth so don’t draw attention to yourself and try to convince us otherwise.
12. Whoever or whatever you love is your problem. Keep them or it to yourself.