Class syllabus

So, just what do we do in Frontiers?

In Frontiers, we explore how to develop reading and math skills by exploring how cultures share their values. We do this through reading stories from times and cultures other than our own, and exploring the lives of people in other cultures and times. We also share what we find.

Frequently asked questions about Frontiers

Who is my teacher anyway?
Mr. Robbins is the university supervisor in charge of the students in this class. Mr. Smith and Mr. Harker is his interns. Mrs. Smith will be in the class until December 16. Mr. Harker will be teaching from Dec. 19 to Jan. 9. Mrs. Smith and Mr. Harker will be the people in charge of making sure things work every day in class. If you have a problem or a question about how the class is being run or about your grade, ask Mrs. Smith until December 19 after that, ask Mr. Harker.

During the trimester we will have students from Brigham Young University - Idaho teach. Generally, they will teach in teams for about a week. During the week they are teaching, you are to respect them and follow their directions. They are learning how to be teachers and they will be prepared to help you with a wide variety of activities.

How will my grade be calculated?

Journal and reading activities.
Every day when class starts you will have a reading activity waiting for you. Your teacher will take you through the reading activity and you will record what your impressions, new vocabulary words, learning strategies, and other items as directed by your teacher. You will keep these in your binder.
The activities in your binder will make up about 50% your grade in Frontiers.

Book readings.
During your time in Frontiers we will read books together! You will have activities based on readings from your book. You will also keep these activities in your binder.
The book reading activities will make up about 25% of your grade in Frontiers.

Citizenship and participation
Each day, your teacher will assign a grade from 0 - 5 for your citizenship and in-class participation. If you don't disrupt or require just a small reminder, you will receive 5 points. If you require two reminders, you receive 3 points. If you require 3 reminders or more, you will receive no citizenship points. On the fourth reminder, you will be asked to leave class and bring your parents to a meeting with Mr. Lords to discuss the problem.
Your citizenship grades will make up about 10% of your grade.

Most weeks you will have a quiz. The quizzes will based on the reading activities in class. You will be allowed to use your binder during the quizzes.
These quizzes will be about 15% of your grade.

What about late work?
If you miss school because of an excused absence you have two days to make up the work. If your work is just plain late you will receive a 50% deduction for the first three weeks and a 75% deduction thereafter until the late work deadline at the end of the tirmester.

What should I bring to class?
Be sure to bring your pens or pencils and calculator - if you are using one - each day. Sometimes your teachers will ask you to bring other items as well. be sure to bring them on assigned days. Almost always your binder will remain in class.