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Class Parties and Trips


Room Parents are needed to help organize 4 parties.

If you are interested in helping please contact a room mother or myself.  I will keep this site updated with volunteers.  In the past, some parents have found it helpful to make a Facebook group to keep everyone reminded and in the loop (I will leave that up to the room mothers :).  

Fall Party, Thursday, Oct. 31; Time: 2:30-3:15 p.m.

Winter Party, Thursday, Dec. 19: Time: 9:30-10:00 a.m.

(I do not have a Valentine's Party planned this year due to a 12:15 p.m. dismissal) Students will still exchange cards that morning.

Spring Party, Thursday, April 9; Time 1:00-1:45

End of the Year Party, May ? (a few hours)-This has been an inflatable day in the past.  Both classes usually have parents work together and bring some type of drink and snack/popsicles and help manage the inflatables and any extra games.    

*Each party will last approximately 45 minutes and should plan to include a snack/drink/take home treat, and one long, or two shorter games.   If the game requires a different location, such as a gym or outside, please let the teacher know in advance so spots can be reserved. If you sign up for an item, please make sure it is delivered to school by noon.  I would like at least one volunteer to be present for helping with food/drinks/and game.


Fall Party:                                                                                  Spring Party:

Snack __________________________________                                   Snack:  Maegan Porter

Drink/Cups :  Shela Smith                                                    Drink/Cups:  Stormie Locke

Plates/Napkins: Audra Speir                                               Plates/Napkins:  Shealey Greathouse

Take Home Treat  Alicia Jones                                            Take Home Treat: Amy West

Games ______________________________________________              Games _______________________________________________________


Winter Party:                                                                             End of Year/Inflatable day 

Snack:  Alicia Jones                                                                 Snacks:

Drink/Cups: Maegan Porter                                                  Drinks:

Plates/Napkins: Shealey Greathouse                                 

Take Home Treat _________________________________                Extra Games:

Games _____________________________________________


Listed Below are a few other events that you may consider helping with:

Thanksgiving Buffet: We will need two fruit and two veggie trays with dip provided by noon the day before Thanksgiving.

Fruit Tray: Kim Cullison

Fruit Tray ___________________________________________

Veggie Tray: Tesa Shaw

Veggie Tray _________________________________________

Gold Rush: We will need two Volunteers to help guide students from group to group.  This usually takes place at West Salem during the first Friday in May.  (All Day) You may ride the bus or meet us there.  Please pack a lunch. 

Volunteer _____________________________________________

Volunteer ____________________________________________

Cedarhurst Art Museum/Jefferson Historical Village Field Trip to Mt. Vernon, Illinois in April.  We need at least 3-4 parents to attend as chaperones.  You may ride the bus or meet us there.  Please pack a lunch.  

Chaperone ____________________________________________

Chaperone ____________________________________________

Chaperone _____________________________________________

Chaperone ____________________________________________

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