Mrs. Morgan's Career and College Webquest


This Webquest will take you through a process of exploring careers and colleges using the Internet. It is designed to develop skills required in researching potential majors and colleges. This is only the beginning of your exploration and a fun simulation to help you start thinking of your future!

You are a 5th grader looking forward to the day you can enroll at Robert G. Cole Middle School, but before you can register for classes, you must choose a career – an area in which to focus your middle school studies.

Your mind goes crazy. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you want to be ......

  • A Professional Athlete?
  • An Actor/Actress?
  • A Veterinarian?
  • A Racecar Driver?
  • A Doctor?
  • An Accountant?
  • An Officer in the Military?
  • A Police Officer?
  • A Fireman?
  • An FBI Agent?
  • A Teacher?

In this webquest, you will explore a variety of careers based on your personal interests and choose a career that meet your interests. This will help you select your major in college so you know what college you may consider. Ultimately, this helps you choose which path you should take for your middle school studies.


You have the task of choosing a career on which to focus your middle school studies.

You will do this by compiling a career and college exploration portfolio.  The portfolio will contain the following:

  • your college cover sheet
  • career quiz results
  • your webquest responses
  • college applications
  • college comparison pages
  • printed presentation slides
  • college pennant
  • BrainPop Quiz Results

Upon completion of the portfolio, you will write a letter to the university you selected. You will summarize the results of your career exploration and why you selected their college.  The letter will explain what career focus you have chosen, why you chose it, and how you plan to prepare for it by earning a degree at their college. You will make two (2) copies: 1 for your portfolio and one to mail.

Are you ready to get started? As you can see you have a lot to do before you can register for middle school!


Use the printed page for your webquest responses. Your tasks for this webquest are broken down into several smaller tasks. Each will guide you through the steps necessary to plan your future career and find a college! Keep all parts of your project in your project portfolio.  

Note: Some assignments will take a class period to complete; others will take longer.

You can visit each task here or from the top toolbar.


Review the questions and your answers. Determine if there are other careers and colleges you should explore. Did you visit all the linked sites? Do you need more information that should be researched before making real college decisions? Have you included everything in your portfolio?


When you have finished this webquest, you will have learned:

  • how to research careers and colleges
  • how to locate information on college websites
  • what some of the requirements are for getting into college
  • how your interests could be used in your possible career
  • information about your possible career
  • how to show spirit for your college
  • how to formally make contact with a college (or any business!)

You will have also used a lot of ways to review skills you've learned this school year like:

  • research on the Internet
  • using Microsoft Word 2007
  • using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  • viewing video clips online
  • attribution when using information from someone else
  • researching graphics
  • downloading graphics
  • completing online surveys
  • using online comparison generators
  • formal letter writing
  • formal envelope addressing

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