Cougar Task 3 - # 1 College Choice


1. Now that you've taken a tour and learned about your school, you need to pick just one (1) school as your "# 1 College Choice". What college will be your # 1?

My # 1 choice is: _______________________________________________

2. Using iGoogle (your internet browser's homepage at school) search for your college's logo or seal. Once you have located it, right-click on the image and choose Save Picture As. Save the logo to your Desktop and name it your school's name.

3. Now you will be creating a portfolio cover.

Open a new Microsoft Word document by going to Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Word 2007. In this document you will insert your school's logo in the center and resize it to fill 50% of the page. At the top of the page you will type the full name of your college. For instance, Florida State University and not FSU. Then at the bottom of your page you will type your first and last name and your teacher's name underneath. Here is an example...


 Print 1 copy in color for your portfolio.

4.  Now you will begin your PowerPoint presentation.

For a review on PowerPoint, visit this visual tutorial or watch videos .This will be a great way to get help for your project.

Open a new Microsoft PowerPoint presentation by going to  Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

You will create a presentation to share facts about your selected college. The following are the requirements for the presentation:

  • There is a minimum of 5 slides.
  • Each slide should have 2 clip art or images.
  • You MUST provide the attribution (link) to where you got any pictures.
  • Have a title slide with your name, the school's name, and your homeroom teacher's name.
  • Include the following:
    • cost of attending
    • location
    • mascot
    • % accepted
    • name of college degree and what career it will help you get
    • an important fact
    • fun fact

Be sure to save it in (S:) -> Student Work -> Technology -> Your Grade Level -> Your Teacher's name with your name and College (ex. Melanie Morgan College) 

Print 1 copy of your presentation with 4 slides per page as a Handout. For directions, visit HERE and scroll down to Print a Presentation.

Place this copy in your portfolio.

SFA Logo Graphic From