Cougar Task 5 - Write Your College



1.  Now that you have explored careers and colleges, created a presentation on your college, and designed a college pennant it is time to write a letter to your university!

Go to and watch the Business Letter BrainPop video. (see Mrs. Morgan for the login information) Print your quiz results and put it in your portfolio. *Please note, they talk about the header which is your address. We will not be using that in our letter.

Visit this review page to see all 6 parts of a business letter you will need to include and how to create your letter.

To create a new, blank document (which you can minimize to see the review page) go to Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Word 2007  

Your document needs to include all 6 parts:

  1. Heading (your address or the schools: 3370 Nursery Rd., Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234)
  2. Inside Address -> This will be the college admissions address
  3. Date (skip a line then) Greeting (Dear Admissions Counselor)
  4. Body (why you want to attend their school, tell them you are working on a webquest, learning about colleges, careers, college majors, etc.)
  5. Complimentary Close (Sincerely or Thank you or Respectfully)
  6. Signature Line

Additionally, within the body of the letter you need to summarize the results of your career exploration and why you selected their college.  Your letter will explain what career focus you have chosen, why you chose it, and how you plan to prepare for it by earning a degree at their college.


2. Don't forget, you have to address an envelope to mail your letter in! 

Visit this link to see what to include on your envelope. Get a business size envelope from Mrs. Morgan and address it to the school with all 3 parts:

  1. Address
  2. Return Address*
  3. Attention Line 

* Your return address is:

  • Your Full First Name and Last Name's First Initial (example: Melanie M.)
  • c/o Mrs. Melanie Morgan
  • Fort Sam Houston Elementary
  • 3370 Nursery Rd.
  • San Antonio, Texas 78234

 Match this illustrated envelope with yours to make sure you have all the parts you need!

Clip art used for educational purposes from
computer repair courses