About CABS

What is CABS?

CABS stands for Center for Academic and Behavioral Success. Set at Free State High School, our program seeks to help students become academically and behaviorally successful both in class and in life.  We believe in the lifelong learning process and hope to encourage that process by making education fun and as obstacle free as possible for our students.


Who are our Faculty & Staff?

Curtis Field (Teacher & Case Worker)
Jason Mendence (Teacher & Case Worker)
Spencer Bonner (Paraeducator)
Justin Deaver (Paraeducator)
Derrick Johnson (Paraeducator)
DC Paige (Paraeducator)
Danny Speicher (Paraeducator)


Information about Lawrence Free State High School

Lawrence Free State High School (FSHS or LFS) is a public secondary school in Lawrence, Kansas, USA operated by Unified School District 497, and serves students of grades 9 to 12. It is one of two public high schools within the city limits of Lawrence. The current enrollment is approximately 1,450 students.[2] The school colors are hunter green and silver.[2] The current principal is Myron Graber.

Lawrence Free State is a member of the Kansas State High School Activities Association and offers a variety of sports programs. Athletic teams compete in the 6A division and are known as the "Firebirds". Extracurricular activities are also offered in the form of performing arts, school publications, and clubs.