Good Math Websites

Dear parents,

The Lower School math program is a comprehensive grade appropriate program that includes practicing and learning skills, working on real life problems, and developing thinking processes. However, given how much children enjoy computer games I thoughtthat putting together a list of sites that will challenge them and help them grow mathematically would be a good addition to our program.

The following are some websites that I like, divided by the type of mathematics they target. The object is for your children to explore these sites – not as a chore (please, don’t “make” them use them), but as a complement to our program.

If you know of any other good sites, please email them to me and I’ll add them to the list (


  • FirstinMath - this program costs $8.00 for one year but it's one of the best places I found for practicing skills


  • straightforward games and practice

  • games and flashcards

  • fun math games



  • - links to many good sites – substitute the 6th for the grade level you want and you’ll have lots of good sites for that grade level available

  • - good lessons on different topics and homework help

  • - Ask Dr. Math – students can ask math questions and get really good feedback

  • This BBC website has a number of numeracy games with suggested age ranges for each one







  • puzzles and games


  • games associated with PBS shows good critical thinking and logic puzzles


  • This is the website for Aunty Math, where you will find interesting and creative math story problems for K-5

  • - substitute the “5” for your child’s grade level


Thanks for supporting us in helping your child become a “’mathematician”

Fanny Sosenke

K-5 Math Coordinator