PTA By Laws


    By Laws

F     Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Parent Teacher Association

         35-12 35th Avenue Astoria, New York 11106


Article I – Name


The name of the organization shall be the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Parent Teacher Association, hereafter referred to as FSSA PTA.


Article II - Objectives


The purposes and objectives of the association shall be:

*to foster a well-informed and active parent body

*to bring the home and school into closer contact

*to promote and help develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff

  of FSSA

*to initiate and/or provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational 

  growth of the students

*to promote good community relations to promote school safety conditions

*to provide opportunities and training for parents to participate in school governance and  

  educational decision-making; building capacity for greater parent involvement

*to forge a strong and interactive partnership between the arts and academic communities for

  the benefit of the students


Article III – Policies


*The organization shall be non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-partisan.

*The organization may participate in an advisory capacity concerning school activities and


*The name of the Association or its officers in their official capacities shall not be used for any

   purpose other than the work of the Association.


Article IV – Membership


1.1 PTA membership shall be limited to parents, legally appointed guardians, foster parents and persons in parental relation to students currently attending FSSA. Parents, legally appointed guardians or persons in parental relation to students currently attending FSSA are automatically a member of the PTA; no membership form is necessary. In the beginning of each school year, and again at the midpoint of each school year, a welcome letter from the association shall inform parents of their automatic membership status and voting rights.

Membership is also open to all teachers and staff, excluding administrators, currently employed at FSSA.



1.2  Only parent members of the Association may vote to offer or withdraw membership to or from teachers and staff. Any such action requires an amendment of these bylaws by vote as defined in Article XI, except that only parents not employed in the school may vote, and it shall become effective July 1st following ratification.


Section 2 – Enrollment


2.1 Yearly membership donations shall be requested as a contribution and not as a requirement of membership. Payment does not affect voting or running for office.


Section 3 – Voting Privileges


3.1 Each parent of a child/children currently enrolled at FSSA is entitled to one vote. Each teacher and staff member, excluding administrators, currently employed at FSSA is entitled to one vote.


3.2  Members deemed to have a conflict of interest as defined in the Chancellor’s A-660 Policy and Regulation shall not be permitted to vote on restricted issues.


3.3 Voting by proxy or absentee ballot is prohibited (Chancellor’s A-660).


Section 4 – Notice to Parents and Teachers/Staff


4.1 At the beginning of each school year the PTA shall distribute a welcome letter and membership database forms to all parents, teachers and staff members.


4.2  Membership database forms shall be made available to parents, teachers and staff throughout the school year.


Article V – Officers and their Election


Section 1.  Titles


The elected officers of the FSSA PTA shall be:


President or Co-Presidents

Executive Vice President

Co- Second Vice Presidents (2)

Co-Recording Secretaries (2)

Corresponding Secretary



Any office scheduled for election in June, which is not filled at that time shall be considered a vacancy, and shall be filled in accordance with Section 8 of this article.


Section 2. Term of Office


2.1 The term of office shall be from July 1 through June 30. Officers shall be elected in June for a one-year term beginning July 1, and shall continue to serve so long as they have a child enrolled in the school for that school year.


2.2  No person may serve in the same position for more than two consecutive one-year terms unless, after a canvas of the membership, no person is eligible and/or willing to serve. The incumbent may then continue to serve.


2.3   If a position is held for only a portion of a term, this time will not be considered part of the two consecutive one-year term restriction.


Section 3. Qualifications


3.1 Eligibility for office is limited to parents of a child(ren) currently enrolled at FSSA.


Section 4. Duties of Officers


4.1 President or Co-Presidents: The President or Co-Presidents (hereafter referred to as “President”) shall preside at all meetings of the PTA and shall be an ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee. She/he shall appoint all committee chairpersons with the approval of the membership. The President shall set the agenda for meetings. The President shall be one of the signatories on checks. The President or her/his designee shall attend and serve as the core member on the FSSA School Leadership Team (SLT) and the school’s representative to the Queens High School Presidents Council (QHSPC).


4.2  Executive Vice-President: The Executive Vice-President shall assist the President and shall assume the President’s duties in her/his temporary absence or at the President’s request. The Executive Vice-President shall oversee the Membership Committee and all ad hoc committees. The Executive Vice-President may be one of the signatories on checks. In the event that Co-Presidents are elected, the membership may choose not to fill the position of Executive Vice-President.


4.3 Co-Second Vice-Presidents:  The Co-Second Vice-Presidents shall assist the President and/or the Executive Vice-President and shall assume their duties in the absence of either one. The Co-Second Vice-Presidents shall oversee the Fund Raising Committee and shall be responsible for investigating funding opportunities. A Co-Second Vice-President may be one of the signatories on checks.


4.4 Co-Recording Secretaries:  The Recording Secretaries shall maintain the official record of the proceedings and actions of all PTA meetings. This shall include sign-in sheets, agendas and material distributed. The Recording secretaries shall prepare minutes of each Executive Board and General Membership meeting in time for review and adoption at the next appropriate meeting and shall make minutes available upon request. She/he shall maintain custody of the books and reports pertaining to the PTA, except those of the Treasurer. The Recording Secretaries shall maintain a log of all amendments to the by-laws and shall ensure that a copy of each is on file in the Principal’s office and available upon request and at all general membership meetings.


4.5 Corresponding Secretary:  The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for recording the mail received by the PTA and for preparing responses for the correspondences at the request of the President. She/he shall be responsible for preparing and distributing notices of all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.


4.6 Treasurer: 

* Shall be responsible for the transfer of PTA monies to the bank accounts of the PTA

* Shall deposit all checks received within 28 days, and all cash received within two business


* Shall maintain all deposit slips with appropriate identification of funds

* Shall maintain an updated record of income and expenditures

* Shall be one of the signatories on checks

* Shall be prepared to provide financial reports at all PTA meetings

* Shall prepare and distribute a January 31st mid-year financial report and the June end-of-year


* Shall serve on the PTA Budget Committee

* Shall make available all financial records for viewing by members on request and for audit


Section 5 – Election of Officers


5.1 Nominating Committee


         5.1.1  The Nominating Committee shall consist of three to five members. The majority must come from the general membership and elected at the April meeting. The remaining members of the committee shall be appointed by the President subject to approval of the Executive Board. The Nominating Committee shall choose one of its members to serve as chairperson. No person employed at FSSA shall be eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee.


         5.1.2  The Nominating Committee shall canvas the membership in writing for recommendations of candidates for all positions. 


        5.1.3  Members of the Nominating Committee shall not be eligible to run for office, unless there are no other parents available to serve in any given elected position. An eligible member of the Nominating Committee may be considered as a candidate if she/he immediately resigns from the committee in writing. If the chairperson of the Nominating Committee wishes to be considered as a candidate, she/he must immediately resign in writing and the committee must then choose one of its remaining members to serve as chairperson.


        5.1.4 The Nominating Committee shall report the names of all eligible candidates for all positions to members at the May membership meeting.


5.2 Additional Nominations


       5.2.1  At the May Membership Meeting the Nominating Committee shall request additional nominations from the floor.


       5.2.2  Nominations, except for positions for which there are no candidates, shall then be officially closed and may not be reopened.


5.3  If a Nominating Committee is not/cannot be formed by the end of April, the Executive Board must communicate that the nominations and election process outlined above will proceed under the direction of at least two members of the PTA who are not running for office. These members will be elected to serve in this role at the April General Membership meeting. They will perform the responsibilities and adhere to the timeframe outlined in this section of the bylaws. They may also seek assistance in conducting nominations and the election from the appropriate region/district Presidents’ Council and/or Principal or her/his designee and/or the District or Regional Superintendent or her/his designee.  


5.4  Voting Requirements: Each Parent, Teacher and Staff Member is entitled to one vote in the elections.


5.5   Election and Use of Ballots


       5.5.1  The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for conducting the election, including, but not limited to; canvassing the membership for eligible candidates, preparing and distributing all dated notices of any meetings pertaining to the nomination and election process, preparing ballots, attendance sheets, a ballot box, tally sheets, verifying candidate eligibility, etc. The election and voting shall take place during the June General Membership meeting. 


       5.5.2  Voting shall be by ballot. If there shall be but one candidate for each office, a member may make a motion for the Recording Secretary to cast one vote to elect the slate of candidates for office. A vote of the membership is required for approval of the motion and that action will be included in the minutes.


       5.5.3  If more than one person has been nominated for any office, ballots prepared by the Nominating Committee shall be used. 


       5.5.4  Names of candidates shall appear on the ballot in alphabetical order by surname under the title of the office for which they are nominated.


       5.5.5  The Nominating Committee shall immediately count the ballots in the presence of the members. Ballots will not be removed from the voting site until after the results have been tallied and reported to the assembly.  


       5.5.6  Ballots shall be turned over by the chairperson of the Nominating Committee to the Recording Secretary and retained for six months.                                                                                                           


       5.5.7  The Principal or her/his designee shall be responsible for certifying the election. Certification of the election requires that the Principal or her/his designee verify that the nominations and election process were conducted in accordance with CR A-660 and the PTA’s bylaws. The certification form shall be completed and signed by the Principal or designee and forwarded to the Regional Office of Parent Support within ten calendar days of the completion

of the election. The Parent Coordinator cannot be the Principal’s designee.      


        5.5.8  Home addresses for PTA Executive Board members will be provided to the school.


        5.5.9  PTA elections will be held between the third Wednesday in May and the third Friday in June.


        5.5.10 The Principal must be notified of the date and time of the spring election, by May 1st.      


        5.5.11 The PTA must elect the mandatory core officers (President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer) in order to be a functioning PTA.


Section 6 – Installation of Officers and transfer of Records: Installation shall take place at the June membership meeting, and a meeting of the outgoing and incoming officers shall be arranged by June 30 for the transfer of records.


Section 7 – Vacancies


* The Executive Vice-President shall fill a vacancy occurring in the office of the President.

* A vacancy occurring in the office of Treasurer shall be filled by recommendation of the

   Executive Board and approved by the membership at its next regular meeting.

* A vacancy occurring in any other office shall be filled by a special election as described in

   Section 8 of this article.

* Officers who wish to resign their positions once an election has been certified must do so in 

   writing to the Recording Secretary, and at that time shall turn over all records to the President.


Section 8 – Special Elections


* Special elections shall be held to fill any vacancy other than the positions of President and


* The Executive Board shall be responsible for announcing any vacancies, ensuring that these 

   vacancies are filled at the next General Membership meeting, and running the election.

* The membership must be notified of the vacancy and election at least 10 days prior to the


* Nominations will be taken from the floor, and then closed. Election will immediately follow.

* The PTA President and one member from the general membership who is not an executive 

   board member shall immediately count votes in the presence of the members.

* Ballots will be turned over to the Recording Secretary and will be retained for six months.

* When the PTA has ceased to function due to a failure to conduct PTA business and/or filling 

   any of the mandatory core position vacancies, they will have 14 days to remedy the lack of

   action. If the PTA fails to act, they will cease to function.





Section 9 – Disciplinary Action


            9.1 Recommendation of the Executive Board and by vote of the membership shall remove any officer from office, who fails to attend three consecutive Executive Board meetings without good cause.


  9.2 Officers and Executive Board members accused of misconduct or neglect of duty may be removed only after:


          9.2.1 Investigation: A membership vote shall be taken to appoint an investigative committee. The majority of the committee must be comprised of the membership. The committee must investigate, review, obtain relevant documents, etc.


         9.2.2 Recommendation to Bring Charges:  If the investigation shows misconduct, neglect of duty, inappropriate use of funds, etc., then the committee shall recommend charges be brought against the individual to the membership.


        9.2.3 Conduct a Hearing: Upon approval from the membership to bring charges, the committee will conduct a hearing by sending letters inviting necessary individuals as witnesses. The person against whom charges are brought must be allowed the opportunity to bring witnesses and present materials. All pertinent facts must be reviewed and considered.


       9.2.4  Vote Taken: The committee must present its findings and recommendations to the membership by the second general membership meeting following the formation of the committee. The membership shall decide by a two-thirds vote of the membership present to remove or absolve the accused officer.


       9.2.5 Minutes: The minutes of these actions will not identify the individual by name, but by position, (i.e. Treasurer).


       9.2.6 Any PTA officer or member found responsible for fiscal wrong doing will be barred from holding any future parent leadership positions.


Article VI – Executive Board


Section 1 – Composition: The Executive Board shall be composed of the elected officers of the PTA and chairpersons of standing committees. No person employed at FSSA shall be eligible to serve on the Executive Board.


Section 2 – Responsibilities


The Executive Board shall plan and execute the tasks necessary to implement the programs and policies adopted by the general membership. It shall recommend to the membership eligible members to fill a vacancy in the office of Treasurer, and shall have the authority to spend up to $300.00 for operating expenses or emergency needs without prior approval of the membership. Such expenditures are to be reported by the Treasurer at the next membership meeting. Officers shall be required to attend all Executive Board meetings and shall be subject to removal under Article IV, Section 9.1 unless a good and valid excuse is rendered.


Section 3 – Meetings


3.1 Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held on school premises, in the evening of the second Tuesday of each month, from September to June, unless such date shall fall on a legal or religious holiday, or otherwise specified, in which case the meeting shall be held in the following week. All Executive Board meetings are open to all PTA members who may attend as observers and otherwise participate at the discretion of the presiding officer.


3.2 A schedule of Executive Board meetings shall be prepared by the Board and distributed at the first General Membership meeting of the school year and included in the notice of general membership meetings.


3.3  The President may call a special meeting of the Executive Board with a minimum of 24 hours notice to Board members and written notice to the general membership.


3.4  Upon the written request of at least three Executive Board members, the President must call an Executive Board meeting within five days after receipt of the request, and with notice as specified in item 3.3 above.


Section 4 – Voting: Each Executive Board member shall be entitled to one vote in accordance with Article IV, Section 3, 3.1.


Section 5 – Quorum: A majority of the members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.


Article VII – Meetings


Section I – General Membership Meetings                       


1.1  The General Membership meetings of the PTA shall be held monthly, on school premises, in the evening of the second Tuesday of each month, from September to June. If that date should fall on a legal or religious holiday, or otherwise specified, or if there is a scheduling conflict, the meeting shall be held the following week. The quantity of annual meetings is held in accordance with Chancellor's Regulations A-660.


1.2  A schedule of proposed General Membership meeting dates shall be prepared by the Executive Board and distributed at the first General Membership meeting of the school year. Written notice of each Membership meeting, including the agenda, shall be distributed at least ten days prior to the scheduled meeting.


1.3  Parents of students currently attending FSSA and currently employed teachers and staff members may attend membership meetings and may speak to agenda items.


1.4  All other persons may attend as observers, and may speak and otherwise participate at the discretion of the presiding officer.


Section 2 – Special Membership Meetings


2.1  Special membership meetings may be called to deal with a matter or matters of importance that cannot be held until the next General Membership meeting. The President may call a special membership meeting with a minimum of 48 hours written notice to parents stating precisely what the topic of the meeting will be.


2.2  Upon receipt of a written request from five PTA members, the President must call a special membership meeting within five working days of the request and with 48 hours written notice.


Section 3 – Quorums: A quorum of 15 PTA members shall be required for the conduct of business.


Section 4 – Order of Business


The following order of business shall be observed at all regular general membership meetings:


Call to Order

Reading and approval of minutes

Principal's Report

Treasurer's Report

President's Report

Committee Reports

SLT Report

Old Business New Business



Section 5 – Minutes


Minutes of a previous special and/or General Membership meeting must be available in written form, approved at the next membership meeting, and available upon request to members.



Article VIII – Committees


Section 1 – Standing Committees


1.1  There shall be the following standing committees:


Membership: The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the distribution and collection of membership database forms and for maintaining a list of members, which shall be available without home addresses at every membership meeting. Updated membership information shall be passed along to the Corresponding Secretary. The committee shall be responsible for conducting biannual membership donation drives. The committee shall collect all monies from such activities, record the income and turn all funds over to the Treasurer for deposit.


Budget:  The Budget Committee shall be responsible for drafting a proposed budget for presentation at the June membership meeting and approval by the membership by June 30th. A written review of the prior year's budget must be presented at the June membership meeting.


Fund Raising: The Fund Raising Committee shall be responsible to plan and execute all fund raising activities approved by the membership. The committee shall collect all monies from such activities, record the income and turn all funds over to the Treasurer for deposit. At the next membership meeting following a fund raising activity, the committee chair(s) shall report all income, expenditures and profit from that activity and shall prepare a written report pursuant to CR A-660.


Hospitality: The Hospitality Committee shall be responsible for arranging light refreshments at meetings of the PTA and any of its activities, as appropriate. The Hospitality Committee shall use all opportunities, such as Parent-Teacher Conferences, to provide information and assistance to parents.


Studio Liaisons


1.1  This committee shall be responsible for developing a relationship between the faculty of all the arts studios, parents and PTA membership. The committee shall communicate studio information to the PTA membership, and follow up on requests from the studios for parent support.


1.2  This committee shall be responsible for planning, coordinating and executing activities that will enhance and promote the arts education provided by the studios, including, but not limited to, providing volunteers during performances, assisting with fund raising, and helping with props, costumes and studio phone trees.                                                                                                           


Section 2 - Ad Hoc Committees


2.1  Where an issue or situation arises that necessitates the establishment of a committee, an ad hoc committee may be formed by the Executive Board to meet that need, and dissolved  when the need no longer exists, by majority vote of the Executive Board.


2.2  The Executive Vice-President or President/Co-Presidents, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint the chair or co-chairs of ad hoc committees.


2.3  The chair or co-chairs shall not be voting members of the Executive Board.


2.4  Chairpersons of ad hoc committees shall have the same responsibilities as in Section 1.1 and 1.2 above.


Section 3 – School Leadership Team


3.1  The School Leadership Team (SLT) is state mandated. It is comprised of one-half parents and one-half school personnel, plus two to three students.


3.2  The President (or one of the Co-Presidents) shall automatically serve as a core member of the team. No person employed at FSSA is eligible to serve as a parent representative on the SLT.


3.3  Elections for parent vacancies on the SLT will be held in June. One vacancy will be held open for an incoming first year parent, to be elected in September.


3.4  Parents will be notified of SLT elections during the month of May.


3.5  Voting will be done by ballot at the June meeting immediately following the election and installation of PTA officers. One member from the Executive Board and one member from the General Membership shall immediately count the votes in the presence of the members and announce the results at the same meeting. Ballots will be turned over to the Recording Secretary and will be retained for six months.


3.6   The two runners-up with the most votes will be alternates. They will become members of the team in the event that a member can no longer serve.


3.7  Team members will serve two-year term. They are eligible for re-election.


Article IX – Financial Affairs


Section 1 – Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of the PTA shall run from July 1 through June 30.


Section 2 – Signatories:  The President and Treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks. The Executive Vice-President and one Co-Second Vice-President may be authorized to sign checks. All checks require at least two signatures of signatories.


Section 3 – Allowance: Upon approval of the President, a member of the Executive Board shall receive reimbursement (with documentation); September through June, for valid PTA related expenses without prior Board approval, and to be included in the Treasurer's report.


3.1  Writing checks to petty cash or cash, and the use of withdrawal slips is prohibited.


3.2  The PTA must use a commercial ledger checkbook.


Section 4 – Budget


The Treasurer is an automatic member of the Budget Committee.


4.1  The Budget Committee shall be responsible for preparing a budget for presentation at the June membership meeting with adoption by June 30th.


4.2  The budget may be amended by vote of the general membership at any membership meeting.


4.3  All expenditures not included in the budget at the time of its adoption must be approved by a vote of the membership.


Section 5 – Fund Raising and Development


5.1  The Fund Raising Committees shall be responsible for researching and presenting to the membership, in a timely manner, all information and data relevant to proposed fundraisers for the current year. The Executive Board shall approve all fundraisers prior to the signing of  contracts or agreements, and pursuant to planning with the Principal of all fundraisers involving students during school hours.


5.2  Upon approval of the Executive Board, the Fund Raising Committee shall be responsible for all arrangements, notices, committee assignments, and other logistical details in preparation for the activity.


5.3  The Treasurer and at least one fund raising committee member shall be designated and approved by the Executive Board to (together) collect, tally and record all financial information.


5.4  In accordance with CR A-610, parents must obtain written approval from the Principal before collecting money from students.


5.5  The Treasurer shall deposit all receipts within 28 days of receipt. Deposit slips shall identify the source of all monies deposited.


5.6  The chairperson of the Fund Raising Committee shall prepare a report of each fundraiser to be distributed to parents and filed in the Principal's office as required.


5.7  The Fund Raising Committee chairperson may, with approval from a Co-Second Vice-President, appoint a member to be the project contact for a specific program or event.


Section 6 – Audit


6.1  At the May Membership meeting, the President shall request volunteers to form an audit committee of two to three parents, at least one of whom is not a check signatory. Executive Board members, other than those who are check signatories, may serve.


6.2  The Audit Committee shall prepare an audit of all financial affairs of the PTA with the help of the Treasurer and the Budget Committee chairperson who shall make all books and records available to them.


6.3  The Audit Committee shall prepare a written report to be presented to the membership at the June meeting. 


Section 7 – Financial Accounting


7.1  The Treasurer shall prepare an interim financial accounting by January 31 and an annual financial accounting by June 30 of all income and expenditures.


7.2  A copy of the accounting or a summary thereof must be filed in the Principal's office and distributed to all parents.


Article X – Parliamentary Authority


All procedural questions not covered by these bylaws shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, provided they are not inconsistent with law, policy, regulation and these bylaws.


Article XI – Amendments


These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the FSSA PTA by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided the amendment has been presented in writing to the membership at the previous meeting, and appears in the notice of the meeting at which it is to be amended. Amendments are effective immediately unless otherwise stated in the motion.


A thorough review of these bylaws shall be conducted every three years.


These bylaws, as set forth above, have been voted on and approved by the membership. The most recent amendments were approved, in accordance with provisions of Article XI, at the membership meeting held on March 8, 2011.



Signed by:



Adrianne Maillaro                             Doreen Brown

Co-President                                    Recording Secretary


 March 8, 2011                                      March 8, 2011

Date                                     Date






Filed with the Principal on     March 9th 2011

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