Do you know how your child is doing in school?


Is your child handing in assignments on a timely basis, attending all classes and getting the grades colleges are looking for?


Don’t wait to be contacted by a teacher or for report cards to be distributed to find out. Keep track of your child’s progress, at any time, by using Pupilpath.com.


Accessing Pupilpath:


1. Go to Pupilpath.com and register. You will need the registration code given to you at Parent/Teacher Conferences. If you do not have your code, please contact Cathy Marchetta at CMarchetta@schools.nyc.gov or call 718-361-9920.


2. After registering, go to Log In.


This is an extremely useful tool for teachers, parents and students to keep track of all classes, grades, homework assignments and tests. We encourage you to utilize this valuable tool to aid in your child’s educational success.