FSSA PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes







JUNE 12, 2012 – 7:00 PM


Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Esperanza Pita-Felstead, Co-President at approximately 7:10 P.M.   


Reading/approval of Minutes 

A motion was made that the reading/approval of the minutes of the meeting held on May 8, 2012 be waived.  The motion was seconded and passed. 


Principal Report

Ms. Finn stated FSSA began the school year with a big celebration to commemorate its 10th anniversary; followed by sadness with the demise of one of its students; then spring came along with magnificent performances from the students.  Ms. Finn felt that the students development was outstanding as well as reaching a new level of professionalism with their performances. She clamed the end of the school year was one she is proud of with the exception of the sad moment.


Development of the academics program continues. Next year, FSSA will be offering for the first time, AP world history and will continue to work in collaboration with the studio and academic programs to give both the same support with time allotment.


She continued that during the last faculty meeting, discussions were held on the following issues:  academics and how we can do more to protect the academics as well as the studios time; by May, 2013, eliminate trips that interfere with performances and some of the black-outs which make it more challenging for the academic teachers to keep up with their curriculum; 10th graders will be taking chemistry and physics which complements the college readiness initiative; continue to encourage students to go for the third year of regents math trigonometry, calculus and AP calculus classes; and conduct mock regents exams for science and math which will enable students to build stamina for test taking.


She reminded parents to encourage students to study for the regents exams coming up over the next few days and stressed the importance of obtaining excellent scores in terms of the CUNY application and college readiness.  Ms. Finn pointed out “it is no longer – are you passing but what are you passing with and how does it look on your transcript for the college application process? “


She informed parents that she will be at the school over the summer for those who may have questions.  Ms. Finn concluded by thanking the parents for their support throughout the year and wished them a wonderful summer. 


Assistant Principal Report

Ms. Apostolidis, Assistant Principal, informed parents that she sent out a reading list to encourage the students to read over the summer. Students who read the most books and write the most books reviews will receive 4 tickets (worth $60) for one performance show.  The reading list will be sent through the pupil path as well. 


Other summer handouts were as follows: an informative PSAT, SAT, ACT sheet; 7 – 8 web sites that your students can utilize. There is one web known as “SAT word of the day” – students will receive daily e-mail once they download the application on their I-phone or computer. She thanked everyone for a good year and wished everyone a great summer.


Ms. Pridgen, Assistant Principal stated that it was very difficult for her to come to this end of year meeting since there were many graduating parents in attendance. She pointed out that over the last 4 years, the parents hard work and dedication have been amazing and inspiring. She expressed her thanks and admiration for what the parents have done for FSSA and for the students. She wished the graduating parents all the best and continued success for their children. 


She continued by giving a few updates on summer school – for students that have to attend summer school, there are some changes that came about this year from NYS, i.e., student can only accumulate 3 credits through the credit recovery program. FSSA no longer have a traditional summer school, it has a credit recovery program – meaning, students go to summer school for 3 weeks – a total of 12 days.  Students will be doing an extension of the work missed from the previous semester.  


Ms. Pridgen stated that the guidance department has been working very hard reviewing all transcripts to see who have met their requirements of the credit recovery.  She pointed out that although, some students might be deficient in credits, they are not eligible to come to summer school this year. However, the students who received a grade of 55% in the spring semester are eligible to come to summer school if they have not already taken their 3 credit recovery courses.  


She requested that parents encourage eligible students to come to summer school to accumulate those credits.  It is also very important to make sure students attend their regents exams with identification card, ID pins, calculators etc.


Ms Pridgen emphasized that credit accumulation is getting more difficult and students should not depend on summer school because at any given time, it can be taken away.  She further emphasized that students need to do what they have to do during the school year to achieve their goals of success


All junior students were issued passwords for the Naviance Progrram. The juniors should become familiar with the program over the summer.  Parents will receive his/her pass word in the fall.


Ms. Pridgen continued that report cards will be distributed next week. If a student receives a 60% last semester, there is a code from their teacher stating that if he/she passed this semester, he/she can get that credit for last semester.  


Ms. Pridgen said she will be working the first week of summer school and for parents who have questions or concerns about the summer school credit accumulation can reach her at that time. She noted that the guidance department also met with students about their programs for the fall semester.


A parent asked if FSSA received information on the I-Zone program.


Ms. Apostolidis responded to the question – indicating she attended a conference sponsored by I-zone last Friday. The conference offered lots of information on how educators and students could use technology in the classroom to teach one another in other parts of the world. Ms. Apostolidis said she walked away from the conference with the understanding that the world is connecting and the United States needs to get on board. She claimed that it was very inspiring to see how students teach other students around the world via the Internet. 


Ms. Pridgen concluded that each student received a new New York City library card, which allows them to use all libraries throughout the 5 boroughs.


Mr. Stevens, Assistant Principal gave kudos to the parents who supported the performances in greater number than before.  He stated that the parents were the best audience who respected the students on stage as if you were at Carnegie Hall.  He thanked everyone for their support and wished them a great summer.


Parent Coordinator’s Report 

Ms. Marchetta stated that she will be at the school over the summer.  She wished everyone a great summer.


Treasurer’s Report 

In the absence of Lori Spiel, Treasurer, Ruth Mezistrano gave the financial report for the end of school year 2011-2012 as follows:  Check book balance as of May 2012, $19,566.79; Deposits totaling $2,014.00; Disbursements $5,027.25; outstanding check $3,408.25 and bank balance as of June 4, 2012, totaling $19,961.79. 


Ms. Mezistrano then presented the 2012-2013 school year budget as follows; Projected income $26,500.00; and projected expenses totaling $26,495.00.  A motion was made that the projected budget for the school year 2012-2013 be accepted as is.  The motion was seconded and passed.


President’s Report

Esperanza Pita-Felstead, Co-President concurred with Ms. Finn‘s SLT report. However, there is an addendum to the report i.e., administration reported, the magnetizing lighting strips in the auditorium stairways are missing.  Therefore administration has asked if the PTA can donate $300.00 to replace the lighting.


At the point, a motion was made that the PTA donates $300.00 to administration to replace the lighting fixtures.  The motion was seconded and passed.  


Ms. Pita-Felstead, Co-President thanked the administrative staff for their support throughout the school year and wished them a safe summer.


Committees Reports

Studio Liaison Committee  - None

Membership Committee – None 

Hospitality Committee – None 


Fund Raising Committee

Ms. Pita-Felstead gave the fund raising report.  She mentioned that the committee is still in the process of seeking out a new vendor for the spirit wear.  She further mentioned that the committee did very well on spirit wear this year.  She thanked the parents who donated baskets for the winter show.



Nominating Committee

Francesca Pitaro, Co-Chair, Nominating Committee, presented the slate of officers for the 2012-2013 PTA Executive Board as follows:  Espi Pita-Felstead and Merilyn Sooknanan - Co-Presidents; Maureen Zovich and Doreen Brown - Co-Vice Presidents; Barbara Castello and  Roula Vlahos - Co-Recording Secretaries; Lori Spiel, Treasurer and Tania Torres, Corresponding Secretary.  


At that point, Barbara Castello, Recording Secretary cast a vote that the above mentioned slate of officers be installed as the PTA Executive Board for the 2012-2013 school year.  The motion was seconded and passed.


Ms. Pitaro continued that there are two SLT positions up for elections for the new school year. One of the positions will be held for a freshman parent.  At that point, Tania Torres and Roula Vlahos cast their names into the ballot for the other SLT position.   On a vote 15 to 16, Roula Vlahos was nominated on the SLT board.


Ms. Finn uninstalled the 2011-2012 PTA Executive Board and thanked them for their year of service and installed the 2012-2013 Executive Board.  She welcomed and congratulated the new parents who will be serving on the PTA Executive Board for the 2012-2013 school year.  She mentioned that these parents are a wonderful example to their children because volunteerism is something that we need more to have in our school community.


New Business: 

The PTA will be sponsoring two welcome wagons for the incoming/freshman parents during the summer.   The welcome wagons are usually held in Queens, and another in one of the other Borough’s at the home of a current parent.  One parent has already offered the use of her home.  Parents who have an interest in volunteering their homes for the 2nd welcome wagon should contact the PTA.  Invitations will be sent out to the freshman parents once final arrangements are made.


Old Business:

The status of the 501-C Certificate is still pending.


Chuck-a-buck-for-luck was conducted.



The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:55 p.m., by Esperanza Pita-Felstead, Co-President.







Respectfully Submitted by: Barbara Castello, Co-Recording Secretary