Upcoming Deadlines


Currently working with linear equations. Cool

 Homework for the week:

Monday: Phase Two Test

Tuesday: p. 280 #1-16 and 29 and 30 from small blue book

Wednesday: p. 220 #1-9 from MathScapes book

Thursday: p. 221 #1-26 from MathScapes book

Friday: p. 222 #1-16


Social Studies

We are currently studying Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages, Russian History, and the European Union

Monday: Amazing Race Work Day

Tuesday: Amazing Race Work Day

Wednesday: Chapter 7, Lesson 4- Read in class, Key Terms and Comprehension are homework

Thursday: Chapter 7, Lesson 5- Read and do discussion about questions in class. Assign chapter review (due on Monday).


(Updated on 2-4-08)