About Me

  • What are valuable things you learned this year about yourself and your students? I learned that one size does not fit all! Although 2 classes were sharing one classroom. We certainly needed two different behavior plans. I tried so hard in the beginning to make something work that wasn't working. Both me and my class were so much happier when we found what works for us.
  • How do you think you grew? I became more confident. I am working with the most amazing 35 year tenured Kinder teacher....so it's hard not to want to compare myself to her. I realized I am different, my class is different, so it's ok to do different things.
  • Where do you want to direct your growth in the future? Finding what works for my next group of students that will undoubtedly be different than this group. I have learned that I have to constantly be thinking of new ideas and trial end error them.
  • What common themes are you hearing from our learning community?Trying and failing is ok! The fact that we are trying to find what works best for our students is what matters most.