CS Syllabus

Computer Science -  Syllabus

Mrs. Wolhart


Homework and Participation: 20%  
Projects: 30%                                 
Tests and Quizzes: 35%
Final (1st semester only): 15%

Grading Scale:
90-92, 93-96, 97-100%  A-, A, A+
80-82, 83-86, 87-89%    B-, B, B+
70-72, 73-76, 77-79%    C-,  C,  C+
60-62, 63-66, 67-69%    D-,  D,  D

I do NOT round up grades, per department policy.

Please check posted lists in the classroom for your updated grades, weekly.

If you miss a quiz or test, it must be made up promptly. You will receive zero points for ungraded exams.


Per district policy, 25-45 minutes of homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday and is expected to be completed the next day. Homework will be checked weekly.

Text and Materials:

The textbook we will be using is: Building Java Programs: A Back to Basic Approach. 3rd edition by Reges and Stepp.

We will begin programming with a basic text editor and command-line prompts.  Students must provide their own laptop. Minimum system requirements are 2 GB RAM and 1 GB hard drive space. I support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. A scientific calculator is also permitted.

A Java JDK is required for this class and can be downloaded from the official Adobe webpage.


Be prepared! Avoid being disruptive and disrespectful in class. Do not interrupt the learning of others. Keep cell phones off and turned away.

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