Math and CS with Mrs. Wolhart

Welcome students to the 2016-17 school year!

This is the resource page for Mrs. Wolhart's Algebra II and Computer Science classes.

I will be using this page daily to post your daily homework, as well as upcoming quiz and test dates. (you may also find homework on the in-class homework board). Please see the tabs above.

I will also post resources and study guides on this page. Please check daily for new updates.

STUDENTS: The best way to contact me is through email. I check my g-mail hourly on weekdays, before 9:00 PM. Please email me at with any questions. 

PARENTS: If you would like to schedule a conference for your student, I am available everyday after school after 2:30 PM, and during my PREP period at 11:30 AM.


Period 1: Algebra II

Period 2: Algebra II

Period 3: Algebra II

Period 4: PREP

Period 5: Computer Science

Period 6: Computer Science