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Happy BirthdayBirthdays...

In first grade celebrate birthday's with a class game, extra recess time, or a movie.  Birthday snacks or treats may be brought in IF they are prepackaged and store bought.  


First Grade Special Helpers:

I assign "Special Helpers" for each day of the week.  They do all of the classroom jobs that I may need help with: pass out/collect papers, run errands, clean the lunch table and bring the lunch cart back, etc...

The special helper also does Show-N-Tell for their day.  The only requirement is that it fit inside their backpack.  Please talk with me ahead of time if you'd like to bring in something special that does not fit/belong in their backpack: pets, instruments, siblings, etc... and we will plan a special time for Show-N-Tell.  For instance, if bringing a pet or sibling, it may be more convenientfor you to bring them in the morning and take them right home or maybe before dismissal so you can take your child too. 

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The helpers for the week of 10-18-21
(Be aware that these may change due to special days , e-learning, absences, etc...)

   Monday - Zippy
   Tuesday- Briley
   Wednesday- Sasha
   Thursday- Briar
   Friday- Abby

readingAR Reminders:

2 books read in first 9 weeks (Oct. 1)
4  books read in second 9 weeks (Dec. 10) 

6  books read in third 9 weeks (Mar. 4 )
8  books read in fourth 9 weeks (May 13)

FYI- You may read as many AR books as you'd like each nine weeks.  Weve had kids reading 20+ books per nine  weeks.  HOWEVER, the number of AR books read each nine weeks DO NOT carry over to the next nine weeks.    

Check the links below to see the AR Packet for first grade.  The first attachment below is an overview of how the AR program works.  The second attachment is AR Book Finder!  You'll want to keep this handy through-out the year!

If you run out of AR slips, you can download more below!! 

AR Overview

AR Packet

AR Book Finder

AR Downloadable Slips

Scholastic Books:

Scholastic online ordImage result for scholastic books clip arters are a great way for our class to earn new books!  Our class code is GXTDF.  Check out See-Saw for first grade as well as many more catalogs that Scholastic has to offer!  Put in your order and I will send it home when it gets here!  

Don't forget to grab book titles to meet your AR goal.  We have had parents in the past order books for AR and then pass them onto the class reading center for others to use as well. Just a thought!  

Also, for those secret Christmas and Birthday book orders, let us know ahead of time.  We'll try to bring it out to dismissal in the car line or you can pick it up in the office without telling your kids they have an order. 

Scholastic Parent Page