Always check the HOW I ACT slips each day to see homework that is more specific to you (Ex. If they didn't finish their work during the day).  I will try to update this page sometime after school each day (but sometimes I forget surprise).  

You will also see a list of special upcoming assignments when needed.  For instance, special projects, reports, etc...


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Week of 10-25
Monday- Reading: See Acts Sheet
                Spelling: Lesson 10
                Phonics Charts/Math Fact Practice: 5-10 minutes daily
Tuesday-Reading: See Acts Sheet
                Spelling: Lesson 10
                Phonics Charts/Math Fact Practice: 5-10 minutes daily
Wednesday- No Homework
Thursday- Reading: See Acts Sheet
                  Spelling: Lesson 10
                  Phonics Charts/Math Fact Practice: 5-10 minutes daily
Friday- Reading: See Acts Sheet
             Spelling: Lesson 10
             Phonics Charts/Math Fact Practice: 5-10 minutes daily
*HW means Homework
**Please read any Reading A-Z book, Tommy Book, or other paper books that we've put together at school, including Scholastic News, together with your child.  It's a shared reading.  You could take turns, you could read most of it , they read the easy paragraphs, etc... it's up to you.  
These books are usually an extension of something we are studying.  Please read for facts and discuss.



We will have a spelling test each Monday.  Your test will be returned the following Monday.  There is spelling homework 4 nights a week.  You can also practice them on Spelling City (see link).  Please check your binder for specific daily homework along with your spelling list.

REMINDER: In January each word will be worth 2 points: 1 for spelling, and 1 handwriting:letters I cannot read, incorrect capitals, and reversals, will be counted incorrect.  Please practice your handwriting so your scores will be great! :)

10-25 List 10: You can find all our lists here: Spelling City 


Phonics charts are an important part of our first grade curriculumn.  We will be practicing them daily in class but it will be helpful to review and practaice them at home.  The students will be graded on each chart throughout the year.  You can watch the tutorials below and see which charts to practice in the homework section above.

Video Tutorials:

Science Projects:  


Normally, beginning the 2nd nine weeks of school, each student would bring in a science project.  You would choose any project you'd like.  They could be as easy or as complicated as you like.  Following the guidelines found in the link below, students would be working on these projects at home and sharing them with the class on the assigned dates (see below). 

I will send a Science Project paper (that can also be found in the link below) for more details.  If you have any questions, please see photo examples below and/or let Mrs. Bond know.  
Image result for Elementary Science Clip Art

Due dates MAY be as follows:

March 25- All School CCS Science Fair  (Any project- no collections)

May 6, 7 (Animal Project: Research about an animal...)


Click here to view copy of Science Project Requirements.


Photo Examples of Projects: