Homework Letter

3rd Grade Homework

Week of April 25th – 29th     

  Spelling Test Friday

face, race, place, city, pencil, center, dance, circle, nice, once, princess, circus 

Reading Vocabulary Test on Friday

Continue reading and signing reading logs this week. We will have Dibels testing tomorrow!We will  have a reading test Friday on the following vocabulary words:

culture – the customs, beliefs, and ways of living that belong to a people.

folktale – a traditional story handed down by people

fairy – a tiny imaginary being in human form who has magical powers

heroine – the main female character in a story, poem, or play

hero – the main male character in a story, poem, or play 


*Multiplication facts test on Friday.

The students will have 10 minutes to complete 40 facts. The test will cover facts 0-5.

If your child does not know their multiplication facts, they need to study them EVERY night. If your child does know their multiplication facts, they need to be studying their division facts nightly.

Science Test on Thursday

A study guide will be sent home on Tuesday.     


  *IMPORTANT INFORMATION/DATES*                                     

April 25th              Progress reports today! Please sign and return by Friday.                                      

April 26th                Dibels Testing                                     

May 6th                 Weather Day!