Professional Development-Resources

I wanted to include a few resources for parents, teachers, and whoever else might be browsing on here! If you have time, please look through these resources and take in as much information as possible! 

  • This resource is a perfect place to begin! On Reading Rockets website you will find a numerous amount of research-based strategies to increase a child's reading abilities. This is an awesome resource and I hope the information provided helps you increase your knowledge about reading instruction!

  • Scholastic offers a literacy development opportunity for teachers. Visit this website and complete the required fields to be contacted by a scholastic representative!

  • Above is a video from Donell Pons, Literacy Coordinator at the American International School of Utah. In this professional development video, Ms. Pons discusses how every teacher can play a role in reading instruction.

  • This article is from the National Research Council. In the article, you will be given information about how to include classroom reading instruction and support struggling readers. There are also key components for effective teaching listed in this article!

  • I have found that the book, Put Reading First; The Research Building Block For Teaching Children to Read is a very good resource.  This book is a resource I have used in my undergraduate and graduate levels of study to educate myself on effective reading instruction for children. This book gives research-based information and resources for parents and teachers to provide effective reading instruction for children.