About Mrs. Gable

 What's My Background?


(can you find Mrs. Gable in her 5th grade class)



I began my journey as a biologist, educator at Thomas More College , a liberal arts college in Northern Kentucky,  in 1984.  I knew I always wanted to study the sciences and perhaps one day be a doctor or a teacher.  My experiences at the Thomas More Ohio River Field Station redirected my decision.  After this experience I decided that I would take more ecology classes, finish my associates in chemistry and then look for a graduate program in fishery science.   In 1988 I graduated from Thomas More with a Biology degree and an associate degree in Chemistry.  I was ready for a new adventure, so instead of going directly to graduate school as some of my fellow biology peers did,  I decided to enter into the Peace Corps and expand my knowledge by absorbing another culture.  

I was assigned to teach village farmers how to build and manage fish ponds in Zaire, Africa.  The picture below was taken in January 1990.  I was bringing fish to my first farmer from about 30 miles away.  I carried the fish on my motorcycle and it wasn't easy balancing the containers on the bike.  It also wasn't easy riding a motorcycle on the roads of the Mayombe Forest in Zaire, Africa.                                                                                       

After the Peace Corps I went to the University of Arkansas to continue my studies in Aquatic Sciences.  I researched the effects of water flow on the growth of channel catfish - My research included counting the Algae that grew in each pond - because of the insistance of one professor, Dr. J. Singleton who said if I wanted her to sign off on my degree I had to do it.  So I did! Wow another change in my life.  I now became a Plankton biologist... or pond scum analyst or fish food biologist, even a Baleen Whale food biologist! 
Now finished with my Masters I went on to work on Two major biomonitoring projects, first and last the Chesapeake Bay Program at an estuarine research center in southern Maryland ; and in the middle the Great Lakes program.  I really like Maryland so I came back after a year of the colder weather in Chicago.


Why did I choose to Teach? 

If you look back at what influence my path through college and graduate school, A professor guided my path.  I chose to teach after being a biologist for ten years because I wanted to give back the excitement of learning and exploring concepts in science. I began teaching in 2002 at a Special Education School in Gaithersburg.  I began teaching at Gaitherburg High School in Spring 2008.  I really enjoy teaching science and especially at GHS! The staff and students challenge me to be the best teacher I can be. 


What I do for Fun?

I go cycling with my husband and the Frederick Pedalers.  Riding a biking is enjoyable because I get to see more of the beautiful countryside when riding and interact with a great bunch of people.   How else can you see the wooly worm crossing the road? How else would I meet interesting people from all over? (This summer we rode the Great Allegheny passage Trail and we met people from Huntsville Alabama, Columbus OH, Pittsburg PA, and 1 couple from Holland. We all shared a common goal and that was to get to mile zero and we did!)

Frederick Md.

I am crafty  I like taking pictures of places we go and where we have been.

I love to learn! This summer I finished my second Master's Degree!

I love to go see my family in Kentucky.

I love to be outside and go hiking and camping!

I love chocolate.

I love the color Purple -

My professor, Dr. Jeurel Singleton and I. 

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