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October Calendar

October Homework & Snack
MondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday
  1   Megan  Count orally as high as you can(at least to 20).2   Casey 3  Cole  

6  Trece      Library 

Write first and last name.

7  Evan8 Cameron  Using the chart below, identify letter names.9  Zackary10  Madison       Battle  

13     No  School    

(P/T Conferences)

14  Callie15  Kassidy Clap Syllables: October, fall, scare-crow, bat, pumpkin.16  Tyrin17 Valerie  

20  Anna Library

Recite the days of the week.

21  Connor

22  Eliot 

 Tell 3 important rules at school.

23  Knoel24  Dean  

27 Maddison     Alexander Library

Pick a food item (i.e. cereal) and sort it 2 ways.

28   Grace 

29  Jeffrey    

Write #’s 0-10.

30  Aleesha 



31 Mrs. Gable  

***Bold names are snack helpers.***Snacks must be of nutritional value, and no peanuts or peanut butter items.  Please bring enough for 22 students.  Please do not send items that need refrigeration.

Chart for letter identification and letter sounds!

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