October Newsletter

 OCTOBER  2008

Dear Parents, 

Wow!  We’ve completed four weeks of school already!  I hope this newsletter finds you and your child settling into the routine of this new school year.  I hope that everyone stayed safe during Hurricane Ike.  I have heard a lot of stories from your children and we have written in our writing folders about it. 

I am thoroughly enjoying all of the boys and girls as I am getting to know each and every one.  It is such a joy to see them all come in each morning with smiles on their faces, ready for a fun day of learning in kindergarten! 

Rules and Procedures

During the first few weeks of school, we have been very busy learning all about how to be kindergarteners “The Moore Way.”  At Moore Elementary:

                           We are responsible, 

                           Always respectful, and 

                           Yes, we are ready!

We will continue to learn and grow in these areas, so be sure to ask your child about “The Moore Way” throughout the year. 

We are also learning about the importance of following rules in our kindergarten classroom.  They are:

1.       Listen and follow directions.

2.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3.      Use kind words.

4.      Keep the room clean. 

Please review these rules with your child periodically.  Sometimes these rules are difficult to follow for kindergarteners, especially at the beginning when everything is so new. 

What We’re Learning

While we’ve been learning many new things, one of our favorites has been learning the names of all our friends in our class as well as practicing the reading and writing of our names.  As we continue to do this, it is much appreciated if you work with your child in remembering to use an uppercase (capital) letter for only the beginning letter of his/her name.  All other letters should be lowercase. We’ve also been having a lot of fun learning to read high frequency words such as a, I, me, am, can, and run.  Be sure to ask your child about these words.   During the first couple of weeks, we learned about gingerbread, and we took a tour of our school as we hunted for our runaway gingerbread men! This week, we’re learning a lot about apples and how they grow.  We’ll also be studying about our senses, and on Friday, we will use our sense of taste after making applesauce!  In math, we are sorting manipulatives by color, size, and shape. 


Each month, I will be sending home a newsletter and snack schedule.  On your child’s designated day(s), please have him/her bring enough snacks for 22 children.  Also, snacks must be of nutritional value and cannot contain any nuts or peanut butter.  The following items are suggestions:   Goldfish, Graham Crackers, Cheez-Its, Animal Crackers, Fruit, Vegetables, and Cheese.  We will not be able to refrigerate items, so please send those that don’t need refrigeration. 


Last month, we started our “Kinder Homework.”  Please know that this is not required, but strongly encouraged.  Mondays and Wednesdays are the designated days on the calendar, but any day(s) during each week is fine.  Feel free to send the homework in and I’ll look over it and return it.  It really is up to you and your child….again, this is not required.

 If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.  Email is the quickest way to get in touch with me, but please use whichever mode is best for you. The best time for me to return messages/emails is during my planning time which is 12:15-1:10. Thank you so much for sharing your child with me!  I am excited about watching all of the children in our class grow as learners during this exciting first year of school!  Also, I look forward to speaking with all of you on October 13th at Parent/Teacher Conferences! 

Thrilled to be your child’s teacher, 

Mrs. Stephanie Gable 

281-370-4040 Moore