Reward System

Mrs. Gable's Classroom Reward System

I use a variety of rewards in my classroom in order to manage behavior and work habits.  They consist of the following:

* Verbal Praise

* Non-verbal Gestures (a smile, a thumbs-up, etc.)

* Class Cheers

* Sticker Charts (daily folders as well as others in classroom)

* Marble Jar

* Moore Money

* Positive Office Visits

* Completing the Moore "Success" Puzzle

* Treasure Chest

* Special Privileges (walking ahead in line as an "early bird" to destination, leading calendar, extra center time, etc.)______________________________________________________________________________________

Each time our marble jar is filled, I reward the class with a special treat or privilege.  Students use Moore Money to purchase items from our class Treasure Chest containing miscellaneous items such as pencils, erasers, small toys, use of bubbles or sidewalk chalk at recess, lunch with a friend, and "stinky feet".  Later in the year, they may enter a school-wide drawing for a really special prize.