1) Numberless Word Problems 

This website is a blog from curriculum coordinator Brian Bushart, who writes about teaching, math, and teaching math. This resource has been extremely helpful across grade levels to aid teacher’s instruction in word problems. Students often read a problem and circle numbers just to guess as to which operation they should use. This site helps explain how to create a problem-solving environment versus a guess and check approach.

Here is the opening to how numberless word problems began! Brian includes the thoughts behind it as well as an example of how it is used in the classroom!

2) Edutopia is another great resource in that shows examples and videos of teachers doing things you might want to try in the classroom. Recently I have used it for searching how to build more of a community in my class and how to establish norms. 

Edutopia helped me guide a successful talk with my students to create a respect contract or set of rules that we all agreed to follow.

3) IXL is a resource I use when I want to give the remedial students extra practice. Its format allows me to scaffold skills or cross grade levels. We use it in my classroom with whiteboards and markers, for quick responses to practice questions. 


Students working out a problem given by IXl regarding line plots. High student engagement!