Personal Strengths & Advice


  • "Gabi's greatest strength is her commitment to having a "growth mindset". Throughout the cycles of inquiry she approached each and every inquiry as an opportunity to learn something new about her craft. She was fearless in her pursuit of new knowledge being mindful that with all new learning often comes struggle and struggles are a part of acquiring new learning. Never did she approach a new inquiry with trepidation but rather with a zeal and focus that insured something good was to come of the inquiry even if not completely as intended. With each inquiry her desire was to learn something new about teaching and do whatever was right for kids."-Jeff Sievers, CTI Mentor 





For New Teachers:

If I were to give advice for new teachers coming into the profession, it would be; always collaborate and get plenty of rest.

Collaboration is wonderful for many reasons. It allows more experienced professionals to help guide your instruction in a way that has worked for them and also allows the new professionals, like yourself, to bring a new spark into the grade level. It also gives time to share how you are feeling and to know that you will get through any obstacles that you are facing.

Rest is of equal importance in that you cannot give your best efforts if you are physically drained. The same goes for your students; when kids are hungry and tired, it is difficult to learn. Extend the same care for yourself; set aside time to refresh your mind and body, so you are able to give your best efforts for your classroom.