Professional Goals and Actions


As educators, we never stop growing and learning! In the past year, I have learned new ways to reflect on my personal goals and the actions I will take to see them come to fruition. The following is a few areas that I have focused on including; student engagement, morning meetings, being a connected educator, and sustaining the energy it takes to have this career long term!


CSTP: Beginning and End of Year Assessment

  • At the beginning of the year, my area of growth, as shown by the CSTP,  was student engagement and my area of strength was  developing as a professional educator. As a fourth year teacher, student engagement is always at the top of my focus. How do I stay current with changing strategies and technologies? Development as a professional educator is a strength I see in myself too. I love to collaborate with staff and have attended numerous trainings even in my short time as an educator. 
  • As the year comes to a close, the assesment has shown that professional development is still my biggest strength. It has also shown that student engagement remains my area of continuous improvement. It was a little surprising to see that after analyzing the self-assessments, how little the developmental levels for my six CSTPs changed. As a fourth year teacher, I am continuously self-reflecting on how I can improve on myself and my classroom. The CSTP's gave me a chance to identify new personal and professional goals.

New Personal Goal: Morning Meetings!

  • A new professional goal I have for myself after induction is finding a way to incorporate an effective morning meeting with my students! 
  • The Goldie Hawn Foundation has a Mind Up curriculum that I have been studying to help guide my mornings. We begin with a quick review of the parts of our mind. We discuss the ways we can control our feelings and focus; namely deep breathing! Even in the first few days of implementing this new routine, the kids gave me great feedback about feeling calmer and more collected. A few even reported doing this activity at home! I would like to extend this activity into creating a longer morning meeting; providing time to allow students to speak out about their feelings and issues in their lives. These morning meetings will be an ongoing goal. Morning meetings in themselves are an assessment of the emotional health of the classroom and a good springboard for daily growth mindset!
Being a Connected Educator Throughout One's Career
  • Being a connected educator means being a multi-faceted professional. You are a nurse, a listener, a leader and up to date on the latest teaching and technology trends. To remain connected to your students in all these different ways is challenging. I belive you have to take care of yourself first. Make sure you have plenty of rest, are eating well, and are mentally healthy in order to lead these little ones to do their best. Professional Development is of large importance as well; take the time to research deeper into what your students are learning, collaborate with your staff and look into what courses or trainings your district offers. 
Sustaining Energy!
  • Sustaining energy to be passionate about teaching, learning, and your students requires a conscious personal effort. To maintain this energy overtime, one must make teaching manageable. Manageability means identifying your priorities and leaving time for yourself to relax. Recognize which problems are under your control and which are not. Encourage yourself and your peers for your daily and monthly efforts. Enjoy little things throughout the day; instead of feeling overwhelmed, find a way to laugh and smile!