Technology and Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals


The current recession has had a devastating impact on colleges and universities globally. Notwithstanding the fact that post-secondary education institutions including community colleges and ivy league schools have experienced program closures this website examines, technologies, practices and practicalities that enable programs to thrive, not just survive, in the online environment. 



Information technology introduces a new multi-media aspect into lessons especially out of the classroom. Teachers of continuing education courses can add a new dimension to their lessons both in the classroom and online. This new technology also allows continuing education learners to have a more flexible schedule, opening up more courses to those who have steady jobs or other obligation.

  • BUSINESSMEN can use the site to document the effective use of technology in their establishments.                         
  • EDUCATORS can use the site to learn from colleagues.                      
  • GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND RESEARCHERS can use the site to collect data to study school programs or curriculum interventions.                            
  • GENERAL PUBLIC can use the site to assist in their choice of online learning.                    
  •  PROFESSIONALS can use the site to guarantee credit hours required for current practice.