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This page will provide you with pertinent information about the classroom.  Check back weekly for updates


Parents please note that students are to spend at least 45 minutes  a week on success maker.  The website is .  Student have the username and password.




Your class will be using the  OpenEd Website  to facilitate learning as part of the classroom requirement. All students need to sign up for an account by Wednesday 9/7/16. Follow the directions below to 

1. Go to 2. Click on “Join for Free!” 3. Click on "Student” button, then click on "No" 4. Enter your email or username and password, then enter your class code:  period 3/4  use code     BMHGP6C; period 5/6 use code        R2NBVH         ; period 7/9 use code      CLAV9K3       5. Click on “Next Step” button

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb